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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Jordan Burch, Edge, Oregon

Jordan Burch possesses elite size with great versatility since being a member of the Oregon Ducks. Hula Bowl scout Brandon Harston breaks down Burch as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Jordan Burch, #1
School (Code)ORUN
DOB, Class YrSR/TR
Height, Weight6060e, 290e
40 Yd Dash4.85e
Position/DepthDE/JACK, Starter
Season Viewed (yr)22-23
Games WatchedUTUN, WAUN, COUN,  ARUN
Scout Name / DateBrandon Harston, 11/10/2023

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

2023GP:10 ,GS:   SOLO: 9, AST:16  , TOT:25,  TFL: 7 ,  SACKS: 3
2022GP:13 ,GS:13   SOLO:32 , AST:28  , TOT:60,  TFL:7.5  ,  SACKS:3.5
2021GP:13 ,GS: 1  SOLO:14 , AST: 12 , TOT:26,  TFL: 2.5 ,  SACKS:1
2020GP:8 ,GS:0   SOLO:9 , AST: 10 , TOT:19,  TFL: 2.5 ,  SACKS:0

Player Summary:

Jordan is a Senior Transfer who has a good athletic build with long arms and thick powerful legs to accompany his good height and weight. He has started in 24 of the 43 games played in his college career without any impactful injury. He has played in a 3-4 defense as a DE and the JACK (OLB/DE) position. Burch also displays solid athletic ability with speed, quickness, agility, short-space acceleration, and balance control. In the JACK or DE position, Burch shows good initial quickness coming out of his stance and good UOH at the POA. His long arms allow him to play with and keep leverage as he identifies what is going on in the backfield. In the Jack position, he does a good job “putting an edge on the defense” and redirecting to assist in tackles or make the play himself. In the DE position, his solid play strength is on display as he strikes the offensive player and aggressively destroys blocks to make a play or clog the hole. He has shown to defend his gap in both, a 1 gap and 2 gap system. Solid competitor in both positions, but it increases more at the DE position. He is a solid processor that can diagnose plays and adjust to maintain his gap.

Scheme Fit:

DE in 3-4, DE/DT in 4-3

Power Statement

A defender who has long arms, good get-off, and the athleticism to be a factor in stopping the offense. Smart player who is aggressive with his hand in the dirt and fluid enough to play OLB.


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