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Pittman’s Pocket: Big Thanks to these Businesses and Individuals

On this week of PIttman's Pocket, Brian Pittman breaks down five incoming freshman we need to keep an eye!
Pittman’s Pocket: Big Thanks to these Businesses and Individuals

I would like to consider these Businesses and Individuals Trailblazers in the industry and wanted to give them a shout-out.

Sir Carlos Johnson out of Houston, Texas has a wonderful business in the State of Louisiana, selling newly Collegiate Football Apparel, NCAA approved, also Mr. Johnson carries Historical Black College University apparel. Mr. Johnson sells all teams from LSU to the HBCU and you can go in person or order online. I mean, Shirts, Hats, Jackets, T shirts you name it, they got it. Here is Mr. Carlos Johnson website information.

Ok HBCU fam, this fella been on the rise in the HBCU podcast game. Cobi Orr and The Blitz City Podcast been on the rise with Cobi great connection with The Fans, Players and Coaches, as well with other Podcasts. I can’t knock he is a South Carolina State fan, but I will build this young man, because he is creating good HBCU football content. His show runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. So Like, Share and Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Thank you fellas for your contributions. Also show NFLDRAFTDIAMONDS some love by liking,sharing and Subscribing to them as well as Pittman’s Pocket on YouTube.


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