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CFL 2023 Draft Prospect Interview: Noah Curtis, DL, Keiser University

  • Name: Noah Curtis 
  • Height: 6’6
  • Weight: 279
  • Position: DL
  • College: FIU/Keiser University 

What was your draft experience like?

It was special, had family and friends over. We had a close tight family gathering.

Did you seek Coaching Advice?

Let the process take over, and let things fall in the process. 

How long you been playing football?

I have been playing football since I was 4 years old.

What made you choose Keiser?

I took a year off, and knew the Head Coach, decided to go out and tryout, and that’s when they had mutual interest.

What did you do while being out of football for a year?

I worked at Amazon and was a towel boy at a well established hotel.

How do you like to give back?

I like to do food drives, work high school camps, feed the homeless,  visit schools, and camps to visit in the United States. 

Why did you start playing football?

Older brother and Family.

Noah’s Great Grand Father was the first African-American to play in the CFL, His name is Ulysses Curtis. Going CFL seemed an easy direction since Noah is another CFL generational player whose grandfather broke the CFL color barrier.

Where are you from?

West Palm Beach, Florida. 

What’s your specialty as a pass rusher?

Greatest strength is studying film and being very coachable. 

How many Relatives you have in your family that played in the CFL?

Just 1. 

What round were you selected this year in the CFL Draft?

I was selected in the 4th round, 28th pick, Edmonton Elks. I was the only D-Linemen Edmonton selected this year. 

How many players drafted by your school in any professional sport?

I’m the first player ever drafted in any sport in Keiser University history. 

When you report for camp?

Leaving this weekend. 

How excited our your parents?

Mom is so excited, mother is from Canada, and my father as well. Just everybody is excited. 

Has it hit you yet that Edmonton Elk?

No it have not, probably when I make it up this weekend. Just ready.

Sacrifices truly matured Mr. Curtis, with a will stay ambitious and continue to take good care of his mental fortitude. Having good coaching and relationships go a long way. Shot out to Coach Rudy Taylor.


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