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Art Schlichter: Gambling in the Life of a Famous NFL Player

Gambling in the Life of a Famous NFL Player. We break down the gambling life of Art Schlichter's life and how he went from an NFL QB to
Gambling in the Life of a Famous NFL Player. We break down the gambling life of Art Schlichter’s life and how he went from an NFL QB to prison.

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Gambling Features

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The Early Years of Schlichter’s Interest in Gambling: High School and College

Art Schlichter played football and basketball for his high school, Miami Trace High School in Ohio. He started as a regular gambler and would place small bets on events like horse racing. He had a huge potential until he started betting in junior school. Then, in high school, he increased the amount he was betting and won. He proceeded to Washington State University, where he played football for the Buckeyes, and everything was going fine. 

Art Schlichter did not stop, and when he started earning in college, he would bet more. He switched from betting on horse racing to college football and then casinos. Schlichter became addicted too quickly, and he missed practices, events, or even meetings. He lost control and was already in debt at this time.

The NFL Career of Schlichter

There have been many conspicuous gambling cases related to NFL players in recent years. Moreover, many cases have been recorded s of famous NFL players who have battled with compulsive gambling or addiction throughout their careers, and it had adverse careers on their lives, which later led to their suspension.

One of the famous NFL players with this compulsive gambling disorder is the former American football quarterback Art Schlichter who had a great career and played in the National Football League (NFL) for four seasons and the Canadian Football League (CFL). However, the National Football League suspended Art Schlichter because he refused to conform to the anti-gambling rule, and the Baltimore Colts later released him. 

The Downfall of Schlichter

Schlichter quickly hit rock bottom, and his downfall was catastrophic. Schlichter developed an addiction and lost millions of dollars to gambling. He went from one legal trouble to another, but  Schlichter could not control his gambling disorder, which led to his arrest several times. He committed other crimes such as theft, forgery, writing bad checks, and fraud, and was also in debt to many people and casinos. Schlichter was imprisoned a couple of times and was banned from casinos. His addiction took a toll on his relationships with family, friends, and team members. 

Art Schlichter, despite seeking help, still struggled to recover because the damage had already eaten too deep. Regardless, he kept seeking help, speaking about the dangers, and  working with organizations to help raise awareness of gambling addiction and how to overcome it.

Lesson Learned

Many athletes engage in gambling as a hobby or fun activity. Many famous players like Schlichter are known to enjoy gambling, and some have been reported for their actions. However, not all of them struggle with the addiction or experience any adverse effects. 

Art Schlichter’s name is big, and his story is used to caution people about the dangers of gambling addiction. All these would have been avoided if he had gambled responsibly. 

There are many ways that players can gamble responsibly, and many gambling destinations have provisions put in place for responsible gaming, which helps to prevent obsessive gambling. 

The most popular ones are:

  • Self-exclusion
  • Reality Check
  • Deposit Limit
  • Time Limit
  • Support

These are the only tools to prevent excessive gambling, which can lead to disorders. But players should also learn to practice self-control and avoid activities that can trigger gambling problems.

Although gambling is supposed to be an entertaining and fun activity, it can also be a serious issue that can cause problems. Sometimes casino games may lead to serious issues, such as financial, social, and even psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety.


Gambling addiction can have a negative impact on anyone, irrespective of how famous they are or what they do. Regardless of the issues arising from gambling, it is one of the activities with high stakes and money. When you notice it is becoming a problem and cannot control it, you must abstain from gambling and seek professional support. There are other ways to overcome gambling addictions, including self-help strategies such as finding an alternative positive habit in place of gambling and joining support groups.

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