The 2023 NFL Season: Top 5 Teams to Watch This Year

The Super Bowl will be like none every before them this year. There have only been three black quarterbacks to ever win a Super Bowl; Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson and Doug Williams are the only three to ever win the big game. If the Eagles win, Hurts would become the fourth.
The 2023 NFL Season: Top 5 Teams to Watch This Year

This year’s NFL season will be the 104th one in the history of the National Football League (NFL). The season is planned to start at the beginning of September. But though there are still many months ahead before the start, millions of fans are already watching the power lists and wondering which teams they should be watching closely during the 2023 season.

If you are also a football fan, it’s high time to choose your favorites for the next season. So if you are in college, be sure to equip yourself with a reliable essay writer for best price who can work on your assignments while you join us as we discover the most promising teams that everyone should watch this year!

Kansas City Chiefs 

Without any doubt, we are getting ready to watch the Chiefs come back to the field this September. The team astonished fans with its 14-3 win in the 2022 Super Bowl championship. Also, this team is known for scoring the most wins in the past four seasons than any other team through the history of the NFL, except only the 2001-2004 Patriots performance. So the Chiefs are an undoubted #1 in the 2023 power ranking.

Cincinnati Bengals

Last year, the Bengals didn’t win the Super Bowl and even lost the AFC Championship game. Nevertheless, all sports experts and fans noted how well they held up their patchwork offensive line during the past season. We have to admit that this team has gone a long path to reach the NFL mountaintop, and we expect them to do even better in 2023. Maybe, the Bengals will finally get their champion’s title.

Philadelphia Eagles 

For many years, the Eagles remained the best team in the NFL. They have scored multiple division, conference, and league championships and also hold one title of the Super Bowl champs. During the 2022 Super Bowl, the Eagles even had a 10-point lead over the Chiefs in the second half. Even though they lost and they need some adjustments in the team, the Eagles remain one of the most powerful teams out there. So we recommend you watch them in 2023 as well.

San Francisco 49ers 

Watching the 49ers is always exciting and thrilling. They also hold many champ titles and are known for their competitive spirit. In 2022, the team lost the NFC Championship game, and we could bet that this happened because they weren’t allowed to carry three quarterbacks on their roster. Nevertheless, they’ve learned the lesson and will certainly make the needed adjustments. Knowing this, as well as the successful Super Bowl past of this team, we can say that they definitely have the potential to become champs in 2023.

Buffalo Bills

Last year, we saw the Bills as the favorites of the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, our high hopes for this team were broken by their devastating home loss to the Bengals. This made it crystal clear that the team needs some major reinforcements in its offensive and defensive lines. We are hoping that they will do it and come back from the offseason in their full power.

The Bottom Line 

Now that the 2022 NFL season has just finished, we already can’t wait to see what the 2023 season will bring us. As for now, we have a few favorites that take their deserved spots in the power rankings for this year.

We will be watching them in September. And you should join us too. Even though the academic year will already begin, you can afford to spend some time watching your favorite teams and not bothering about your studies. Get a generous EssayPro promo code to delegate your tasks to professional paper writers and save enough time to watch the 2023 season!

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