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Could Carolina Panthers really want Anthony Richardson over Bryce Young and CJ Stroud?

Florida Quarterback Anthony Richardson is absolutely crushing interviews at the NFL Scouting Combine
Could Carolina Panthers really want Anthony Richardson over Bryce Young and CJ Stroud?

I have been thinking about this for a couple days now and maybe I am crazy, but I wanted to have some fun and talk about a situation that would be pretty shocking. Let’s have fun.

Could the Carolina Panthers truly want Florida’s Anthony Richardson over any of the other quarterbacks?

There have been a ton of links to CJ Stroud and the Carolina Panthers. While I believe that could be the truth, why would the Panthers give up four draft picks and their star wide receiver to move up to one without a plan. Obviously, they get the first overall pick so they can take any player they want, but they are reportedly torn.

There are reports that CJ Stroud is who Frank Reich wants, but the owner Dave Tepper wants Bryce Young. Well, what if that was all smoke?

Right after the Panthers traded for the first overall pick a story broke that the Panthers could in fact still trade down. Who are they trying to get up to 1? The Panthers I feel are wheeling and dealing. I think the Panthers would truly like to get to 4th overall. Think about this.

The Panthers right now have the first pick, the Texans and Cardinals hold the second and third pick, while the Colts hold the fourth pick. The Colts need a quarterback and everyone feels they are truly sold on Bryce Young, but how sold are you?

Frank Reich has to know how much the Colts wanted a superstar quarterback because he was their coach before he was fired last year. Could this be a way to screw your old team? Maybe, think about it.

The Colts make a trade up to 1 jumping the Texans to select Bryce Young, which leaves CJ Stroud to the Texans. The Cardinals are not going to take a quarterback, but will they truly pass on Will Anderson? Probably not, he is the best player in the draft to be honest. So that puts the Colts giving up multiple draft picks to get Bryce Young.

If the Carolina Panthers select Anthony Richardson first overall, they would get crushed by the media, but if they can get several draft picks back and still land AR15, they would be making a smart decision. I think the Panthers are truly all over Anthony Richardson. I do not feel they are sold on Stroud or Young, but they do want Anthony Richardson.

That is the only reason you would truly trade down. There is no way you would think about trading down again if you knew the top prospect may not be there.


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