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USports Spotlight of the Day: Nicklas Sua, RB, Waterloo

Nicklas Sua, RB, Waterloo
Nicklas Sua the star running back from Waterloo recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds scout Naol Denko
  • Name: Nicklas Sua
  • Position: RB
  • College: Waterloo (Canada)
  • Height: 5’8
  • Weight: 202lbs

Hello Nicklas! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. How are you doing? What are you up to these days? Please introduce yourself to our readers!

Hello Naol! I am doing well! Recently I was busy preparing for the CFL invitational combine, but these days I’m mostly trying to finish up my degree! Hello, readers! I’m Nick Sua, a 4th Year Running Back out of the University of Waterloo from the country’s capital, Ottawa Ontario. I’m currently finishing my degree in Arts and Business with a Major in Sociology and Legal Studies and a Minor in Management Studies.

What got you into football? & Why do you enjoy playing football?

A current teammate of mine at Waterloo also attended my high school and in Grade 7 we had the football unit in gym class and I did well enough that he asked me to come to his club team’s football practice where his Dad was a coach and his Mom was a manager. I agreed and never turned back. I enjoy football because it is the ultimate team game. It displays that if you can get 11/12 people on the same page at once and everyone executes their job great things can happen.

What are your goals as a football player and as an overall person?

My goal as a football player is to be the ultimate offensive weapon. I’ve always prided myself on my versatility and ability to be crafty with the ball in my hand. Another football goal of mine is to win a Grey Cup or Super Bowl. I grew up winning provincial championships with the Myers Riders in high school so now I’m chasing the feeling of winning at the largest stage.

How did you feel about your showing at the CFL invitational combine?

I felt like I gave it my all, I wasn’t as happy about my testing numbers because I feel like those can always improve however I was quite pleased with my performance in the individual drills and 1 on 1 session.

What was your best game last season? How did you feel after the game?

My best game last season was our home opener against the Guelph Gryphons, my stats were 14 carries for 116 yards and a touchdown. I actually felt terrible because I had left my all on the field and my team still lost. 

What’s your typical fitness routine?

Typically I workout 4 times a week and run at the track 2 days a week and use one off day. I also go to the field 2 days a week if it’s available.

What is your favorite offensive scheme and why?

I really enjoy running zone and man schemes. Zone schemes allow me to read the gaps and burst through a hole based on how the defense plays it. Man schemes allow me to follow a puller and show my ability to run downhill.

What would you tell a team during a draft interview?

In a draft interview, I would say that with me a team is getting the ultimate team guy, I’m someone that will do anything for the team, I’ve always been the team hype man on every team I’ve played on whether I was starting or not. I genuinely feed off of the success of my brothers and it makes the game so much easier to play. I am willing to do anything that’s asked of me whether it is blocking, running the ball, leaking out the backfield to catch, or special teams. A team would get a back who enjoys blocking and is both physical and skilled. A mismatch that would be a nightmare for a team. Along with returning the football, I’m someone who can win reps versus linebackers and defensive backs.

What would you tell aspiring football athletes?

I’d tell aspiring football players to fall in love with the grind and fall in love with film because it’s the only way to assess your opponents and correct your mistakes.

Do you have any highlights you want to show?

What’s your Twitter/Instagram? So, any potential fans/scouts can check you out!

Thanks for speaking with me! All the best with your football career!

Thanks for having me!


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