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Pittman’s Pocket: Generational Talent at HBCU’s is becoming a new tradition

Generational Talent at HBCUS
Generational Talent at HBCUS

A once in a generation player recently committed to an HBCU school, but was quickly taken away when prospect Travis Hunter transferred from Jackson State to Colorado, after a dominate and successful freshman campaign with 5 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Hunter would have easily been a top rated draft prospect in his junior year. You hear Generation talent being narrated year after year at the Power 5 level but rarely at the HBCU level.

Draft after Draft you see generational talent being on Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay’s list as top Juniors, who were at one point highly talented recruits as 3 star or 4 star recruits. HBCU’s on the other hand have had plenty of draft eligible players since the 1950’s as Seniors, but not as Juniors.

It is clear that HBCU football programs can declare for the NFL Draft, and yes there has been Redshirt Juniors that decided to leave early, but no pure Juniors at the HBCU football level, being classified as top recruits. Since 2019 the HBCU’s have improved the talent at their football programs, and continue to exceed expectations, but numerous NFL owners and GM’S continue pass on HBCU talent. The Houston Texans selected Tytus Howard out of Alabama State in the 1st round with the 23rd selection, and he was the highest HBCU player drafted in quite some time. He would be considered a generational talent, within the NFL and college football community, it was frowned upon and ambiguous narrated.

It took Generational Coaches like Eddie Robinson of Grambling State and Deion Sanders recently at Jackson State, to have FCS recruiting success and to rank in the FBS top 100. No HBCU has ever done that. The Dynamics of recruiting has changed and the NFL Scouting will as well, now seeing Good Coaching at HBCU football programs. Schools are landing generational talent with 4 star or 3 star recruits from High school, JUCO, or the portal.

I’m hoping to see more pure Juniors going Pro in the first and second round, as much as the talent, of 4 to 3 stars going to HBCUS. Any kid drafted in the NFL from this point on our generational talent. Todd McShay and I hope Mel Kiper Jr. can get it as well.


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