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Two former Ohio State football players found not guilty in a kidnapping and rape case | What can they do now?

Both Jahsen Wint and Amir Riep were members of the Ohio State football program back in 2020. One of the hardest things to do is make it to Division 1 football, and both the players were kicked off the team after they allegedly filmed a victim and told her to give her name and say the incident was consensual before driving her back to her residence.

Well, a court in Ohio found both players not guilty and acquitted on charges of rape and kidnapping stemming from an encounter they had with a female back in 2020.

The two players were kicked off the team after their arrests. This is not the first time this has happened at Ohio State. Gareon Conley, another defensive player was acquitted after multiple people including our site stood up and questioned the reports that he raped a female.

The woman victim told police that she was having consensual sex with Riep before Wint came into the room and both forced her into sex. After several minutes, they stopped and Riep recorded the woman agreeing that the sex was consensual.

Riep and Wint broke down crying and embraced after the jury verdict was read.

But here is my question, what can Wint and Riep do now after this happened? They are both older now, at 24, and both had dreams of playing football in the NFL.

Both players had their lives upended by a false accusation. This happens all the time in the world. Not only does Ohio State need to apologize to the players, but Ryan Day also needs to as well. He said the players failed to live up to his standards and the programs when he kicked them both off the team.

I hope Riep and Wint can find a way to rebound, but man this is sucks for these young men.


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