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USports Spotlight of the Week: Denny Ferdinand, DB, Carleton

Denny Ferdinand, DB, Carleton
Denny Ferdinand the shut down defensive back from Carleton in Canada recently sat down with Naol Denko from NFL Draft Diamonds for this exclusive USports Interview.
  • Name: Denny Ferdinand
  • Position: DB
  • College: Carleton (Canada)
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 176lbs

Hello Denny! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. How are you doing? What are you up to these days? Please introduce yourself to our readers!

Hey man I’m doing great. I’m a cornerback and returner from Ottawa Ontario. Currently I’m lifting and running with the team everyday as well outside training with Eddie Brown and basketball runs in my free time. I’m studying political science and am in my second year. 

What got you into football? & Why do you enjoy playing football?

As a kid, my three older brothers got me into football teaching me everything they know. I play football because it’s what I love doing. 

What are your goals as a football player and as an overall person?

As a football player, I hope to improve every single day and become the best version of myself possible as well as end my career with a gold jacket. As a person, I hope my football career takes me far enough to the point where I’m able to directly improve the lives of those in need. 

How do you feel going into your 3rd year at Carleton?

Going into my third year I’m excited at the opportunity’s in front of me breaking my collarbone in week 5 last year reminded me how quickly life can change and truly emphasizes taking life and football one play at a time.

What was your best game last season? How did you feel after the game?

In my opinion, my best game last season was week one against McMasters.  After the game from a team standpoint I was satisfied because we won the game from a personal standpoint I was content with the effort I displayed as well as the plays I made but theirs always room to improve. 

What’s your typical fitness routine?

My typical fitness routine is to go to the weight room at least once per day and run once per day which is either a team run or basketball and finally position specific training 3 times a week with Eddie brown outside team practices.

What is your favorite defensive scheme and why?

My favourite defensive schemes are high-pressure schemes I thrive in one on one situations and feel as if my training has prepared me to completely lock down any man in front of me. 

What would you tell a team during a draft interview?

Any team looking to draft me would be told that you will receive full effort every practice in every drill and In every game from start to finish as well as a player who studies the playbook and knows exactly how to act in any situation I face.

What would you tell aspiring football athletes?

I would tell aspiring football athletes the most important part is believing in yourself and putting in honest work everyday.

Do you have any highlights you want to show?

My university highlights are on my Instagram and anything before that can be found on HUDL by searching Denny Ferdinand.

What’s your Twitter/Instagram? So, any potential fans/scouts can check you out!

Instagram: @Dennyferdinand_

Thanks for speaking with me! All the best with your football career!

Thank you. 


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