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#NFLRigged is Trending on Social Media | Do you think the NFL is rigged sometimes?

#NFLRigged is Trending on Social Media
#NFLRigged is Trending on Social Media

I was just scrolling on Social Media and realized that #NFLRigged is actually trending while the Bengals and Chiefs game was playing.

There are many that think the NFL is scripted but shoot they were saying last week that the NFL cloned Damar Hamlin. I know some of it is crazy, but there have been some pretty crazy plays this weekend that make you scratch your head.

After this fumble by Patrick Mahomes, there had to be about 500 NFL-rigged posts from some big accounts.

Do people actually feel the NFL is rigged? I mean this is crazy talk isn’t it?

Barstool Sports have been saying it all day long. They have been calling the NFL rigged since Devonta Smith’s non catch ruling.

There was a play where the referees also gave the Chiefs two 3rd down plays. That had everyone livid. I am not saying the NFL is rigged, but damn there were some crazy things that happened this week.


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