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2023 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Lamar Mullins, DB, Florida A&M University

Lamar Mullins the standout defensive back frI’m Florida A&M University recently sat down with Draft Diamonds scout Justin Berendzen.
  • Name: Lamar Mullins
  • Position: DB
  • College: Florida A&M University
  • Height: 6’3″
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • Twitter: @lamar4k_

What made you decide you wanted to be a football player?

I feel like I kinda grew up into sports with family always having it on tv or us outside playing, football specifically just so happened to be the one that I loved doing the most.

What are you looking to achieve as a football player going forward?

I’m trying to achieve a opportunity to play at the next level, continue to perfect my craft and keep playing the game I love.

If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

Derwin James because I love his style of play and I know someone who has had a great college career and current NFL career can give me advice on things that can help me take my game up to another level.

What are your favorite moments from your football life?

All of favorite moments from football have been with me and my teammates having fun, flying around and making memories that last a lifetime.

Which one of your family members inspires you the most and why?

My mom because she showed me how to continue to fight and never give up when things get hard.

What is your favorite defensive scheme and why?

I like the 4-2-5 defense because it is one that keeps most of the db’s on the field and allows you to be used in several factors.

What should we know about Lamar Mullins the person?

I’m a God fearing man, I love to eat, I’m a competitor, I like to joke and I love to see the people around me happy.

What stands out about your film the most?

I think my range, speed, and strike at the point of contact are things that stand out about my film.

How do you handle challenges both in life and on the football field?

I handle to the best of my ability knowing that nothings going to be perfect so adversity will come.

What would a team get in a player like you?

A team is getting a player with with a great attitude, hard worker, dependable, takes coaching, athletic and a competitor.

What do you love the most about the game of football?

I just love the adrenaline it brings to fly around and make plays and the competitive edge that comes with it.

Who is the most underrated player you’ve played with and why?

D’Anthony Bell because I feel like he’s a player who has been under the radar and not really had the respect that he deserves for what he brings to the team.

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