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Pittman’s Pocket: Could HBCU schools finish with 6-8 players drafted in 2023?

PITTMAN'S POCKET: HBCU Football Games to Watch in week 3
Jadakis Bonds is one of the most electrifying players in the HBCU. The star Hampton Wide Receiver is at the East/West Shrine Game this week.

Last year, HBCU football was at the spark of the conversation, with only 4 players drafted. Players like James Houston and Decobie Durant were potential prospects, but their team and The NFL expectations were slim to no impact this year.

But as the year came upon us and now we’re heading into the divisional playoff round where Former Fayetteville State graduate Joshua Williams is hanging on and contributing with the Kansas City Chiefs. But the biggest spark was Mr. JAMES HOUSTON, “AKA” THE PROBLEM, who just dominated the NFL after playing games with 8 sacks for the 2022-2023 season.

I believe this year, there will be a ruffle of 6-8 HBCU players drafted. If teams open up, yes there could be potentially 6-8 drafted in all 7 rounds.

Pittman’s Pocket and NFLDRAFTDIAMONDS we have displayed 10 Potential 2023 NFL drafties:

  1. Jadakis Bonds Hampton Wide Receiver
  2. Aubrey Miller Jackson State Linebacker
  3. Nelson Jordan Alabama State D Linemen
  4. Isaiah Land FAMU Pass Rusher
  5. Keenan Isaac Alabama State Cornerback
  6. CJ Bolar Alcorn State Wide Receiver
  7. Mark Evans UAPB Offensive line
  8. Cameron Covin FAMU Offensive line
  9. Brandon Gaddy Alabama State D line
  10. Xavier Smith FAMU Wide Receiver

There are many others that could make an immediate impact as well. Guys like Shaq Davis from South Carolina State, Joshua Pryor from Bowie State, and Andrew Farmer from Lane to add a few more.

Brian Pittman

Worked as a Scout and volunteer for the East n West Shriners game in 2016-2017. Also attended the Hula bowl and Tropical Bowl games. 2022 Also was a independent Agent and Scout at the CGS bowl game in 2021. Worked All star games like the EPS All-Americans game in 2017.

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