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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Jeremy Lucien, CB, Vanderbilt

Jeremy Lucien the standout defensive back from Vanderbilt is a shut down player that Mike Bey from the Hula Bowl recently broke down the film on. Check it out
Jeremy Lucien, the standout defensive back from Vanderbilt is a shutdown player that Mike Bey from the Hula Bowl recently broke down the film on. Check it out

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Jeremy Lucien #25
School (Code)TNVA
DOB, Class Yr5/12/2000, 5th YR SR
Height, Weight6012e, 192e
40 Yd Dash4.55e
Arms, Hands3118, 0914
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Scout Name / DateMike Bey 11/20/22

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

202211 GP, 7 GS, 46 Tkl, 1 TFL, 5 PD
2021@CTUN 9 GP, 9 GS, 29 Tkl, 6 PD, 2 INT
2019@CTUN 11 GP, 1 GS, 16 Tkl, 1 FF, 1 PD
2018@CTUN 9 GP, 4 GS, 12 Tkl, 2 PD

Player Summary:

5th Yr SR and 1 yr full-time starter at CB where he lines up as a RCB and LCB and in the slot in the 3-3-5 heavy Nickel defense of TNVA. Transferred from CTUN prior to the 2022 season. He possesses very good height, average weight and marginal speed with a lean build. He is an average athlete showing a combination of solid explosiveness, average COD, balance, acceleration, lateral quickness and agility with average top end play speed. He is average in zone. He shows good hip fluidity as he turns and bails and reads the QB while patrolling the deep third of the field in cover 3. In press-man, he shows good hands as he jams the WR at the LOS with quick feet as he mirrors the route of WR with average AA and can stay in phase on short and intermediate routes. He displays solid ball skills as he does an above-average job of getting his hands in the way at the last second to disrupt the trajectory of the ball for a PBU. He reacts quickly to the ball being thrown in his vicinity and uses his solid closing speed and open field tackling ability to make the stop, preventing a gain of significant yardage. He is above-average against the run as he shows good instincts taking the correct angle in pursuit with solid range while playing with good leverage and solid explosiveness as he makes the tackle on RB with ordinary size, play speed and contact balance. Ordinary awareness in zone allows WR with good FBI and route running ability to break open and make the catch. Adequate play strength prevents him from quickly disengaging from run blocks from XWR with good size, play strength, UOH and physical toughness. Lack of quality play speed prevents him from staying in phase with XWR with good AA and play speed on vertical routes and recovering if beaten initially. Ordinary mental toughness allows slot WR with good route running ability to break open and score while in the redzone. Average lateral quickness and agility allows WR with good hip fluidity to separate on crossing routes while in off-man.

Scheme Fit:

CB in cover 2 due to his prowess against the run.

Power Statement:

A versatile CB who plays well against the run and is average in coverage overall but plays against elite competition. Lack of quality play speed and AA limits his ability in coverage.


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