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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Brandon Kipper, OL, Oregon State

Brandon Kipper the offensive lineman from Oregon State is a big time player who is a veteran on the Beavers line.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Brandon Kipper, #68
School (Code)ORST
DOB, Class Yr9/16/98, 6th yr RS SR
Height, Weight6060e, 333e
40 Yd Dash5.25e
Arms, Hands3400, 1028
Honors/CaptainshipAll Pac-12 HM (2021), 
Season Viewed (yr)2022
Games Watched@UTUN, CAST, @CAFR, IDBO
Scout Name / DateMike Bey 10/6/22

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

20225 GP, 5 GS (378 snaps)
202113 GP, 13 GS (951 snaps)
20207 GP, 7 GS (591 snaps)
201912 GP, 12 GS (944 snaps)
20183 GP (48 snaps)
2017@HIUN 11 GP (208 snaps)

Player Summary:

6th yr RS SR and 4 yr full-time starter at OL where he plays as a RG in the zone blocking scheme of ORST. He played RT before this season and transferred from HIUN prior to the 2018 season. He has elite height and weight with ordinary speed and very good length with a powerful build. He is an average athlete showing a combination of good explosiveness, average COD, balance, acceleration, lateral quickness and agility with solid play speed. While zone blocking, he takes a quick first step, rolls his hips on contact before using his solid UOH and quality length to latch on. He generates good movement at the POA with his good play strength and foot drive against 2i/3t with solid size, length and play strength. He shows very good physical toughness combined with solid hip torque that enables him to maximize his play strength before finishing the block to the ground against IDL with adequate balance and physical toughness. A solid combo blocker as he gets close to the C or T and doubleteams the 1/3T before peeling off and uses his good play strength to overpower the ILB if his man is close to the LOS. He is above-average in pass pro as he plays with a good, wide base and keeps his feet moving. He delivers a well-timed punch to the frame of the IDL with ordinary length and UOH and uses his good play strength to anchor. Average reactive athleticism as he picks up 1T with average lateral quickness and agility twisting towards the B gap. He does a solid job of helping other OL if he is uncovered. Good mental toughness allows him to elevate his play in the red zone. Subpar player in space due to lack of quality play speed and is slow to square up and block leading to LB and DB with good AA to avoid or shed his block. Lack of quality bend enables IDL with good flexibility, length, play strength and physical toughness to walk him back in pass pro.

Scheme Fit:

OG in an outside zone blocking scheme due to him being able to generate movement at the POA against IDL when moving laterally. He has the measurables to play OT but lack of quality flexibility might prevent him from winning against EDGE rushers with good bend.

Power Statement:

Tough, versatile, experienced player who plays well overall in the run and passing game. Lack of quality play speed prevents him from being more productive at the 2nd level. 

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