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Draft Diamonds Free Agent Spotlight Interview: Tyler LaBarbera, Defensive Lineman

Draft Diamonds Free Agent Spotlight Interview: Tyler LaBarbera, Defensive Lineman by Justin Berendzen

Hello Justin, from Draft Diamonds here to shine a spotlight on another very deserving free agent player so I hope you all check out this interview with Defensive Lineman Tyler LaBarbera, and make sure you follow him on social media.

So I started off asking Tyler where he thinks he would fit on an NFL team and this is what he had to say “I would be a dominant physical presence who will make an immediate impact on any team I play for. I am big, strong, physical, quick, and intelligent. With my size, strength, and ability, I am able to fit into any scheme, force double teams to shed blocks, and be a dominant run stopper. With my unselfish style and unstoppable motor, I am able to create opportunities for all the defensive players around me. My intensity and effort on the field are unmatchable. For example, in a contest against Army West Point, I played in over seventy plays and recorded eleven tackles. Against Purdue University, I was credited with a TFL that ended Purdue University’s final drive setting us up to win the game. Against Northern Illinois University, I recorded seven critical tackles in a triple-overtime contest.”

Next everyone faces adversity but it’s how you get through adversity and challenges so I asked him about the challenges he faced and how he got through them “My entire life I have faced adversity by being under-recruited and have held expectations for myself that were deemed by most as unachievable. Starting with High School, my best offers were FCS walk-ons and D2 offers. However, I remained committed to the higher standards that I held myself to and decided that I had to take a gap year to better myself physically by gaining strength and additional weight in order to obtain my goal and become a Divison 1 FBS football player. For example, I went from weighing 255 lbs to 310 lbs in one year by training two to three times per day. My dedication and determination earned me a Divison 1 FBS full-ride scholarship. My journey as a professional football player (Free Agent) has been mentally taxing but nothing I haven’t been through before. I remain committed to obtaining my goal to play in the XFL 2023. My college recruiting experience taught me that nothing ever comes easy so I will continue to earn those opportunities, and achieve each and every one of the goals I set for myself, and someday I will start and dominate in the NFL too!”

Next everyone has a personality outside of football so I asked Tyler what we should know about him and he responded “Tyler LaBarbera the person is a lot like Tyler LaBarbera the player. I am dedicated, determined, highly motivated, focused, serious, self-disciplined, and fully committed to my professional football career. I allow nothing to interfere with my training or my goals. I take my career very seriously and I train every day so that I will have many years to enjoy a professional career playing the sport that I love. When I am able to, I enjoy spending time with my family and my dog.”

So on that note, I believe that Tyler LaBarbera can be deserving of a look and I hope you all check out this interview.

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