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NFL Draft Diamonds Free Agent Spotlight: Taylor Powell, Linebacker

Hello, Justin Berendzen with another one of free agent spotlight interviews this time shining a light on Taylor Powell
Taylor Powell the free agent linebacker recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen, Check it out!

Hello, Justin Berendzen (@jrberendzen on Twitter) with another one of free agent spotlight interviews this time shining a light on Taylor Powell LB check him out on Twitter @44Taylor_Powell, and hopefully he ends up on an XFL, USFL, CFL, or NFL team.

I started this interview by asking him where he thought he would fit on an NFL team and this is what he had to say

“I think I would fit in great with any team not only on the defensive side of the ball but in all four special teams. The skill I have developed to play special teams has been a major weapon in separating me from the rest of the linebackers. I will continue to do this as I strive to play at the highest level of football.”

Then obviously everyone has roadblocks in life but it’s how you bounce back from them that shows you can overcome adversity. So I asked Taylor what challenges he has faced and what he learned from them.

“One of the biggest challenges I have faced was in 2018 when I suffered a season-ending injury in a year where I was named full-time starter at middle linebacker. The work I had put into The off-season was setting me up to have one of the biggest years of my career. Unfortunately, God had other plans and the injury forced me to learn how to overcome adversity and trust the medical team around me. Many times as athletes we struggle to identify who we are off the field. Having to overcome adversity is not easy but every person goes through it in different ways. The choices you make when you are at your lowest are the values that define the person that you become staying mentally strong is a key aspect. The best thing I learned from this event was how to become a stronger player mentally along with how to handle adversity. During the games I started looking at the game through the lens of a coach, some of the things I did that season were identifying personnel groups, identifying offensive tendencies, along with helping other players learn how to watch film correctly.”

Every football player is more than a football player they are a people. I asked Taylor who he is as a person.

“I think the world needs to know that Taylor Powell the person is resilient and is going to keep going no matter what obstacle is put in front of him it will not stop me from achieving my ultimate goal. I want to inspire the youth through some of the hardships I have gone through throughout my career, I want to be a positive example as a leader and spread a message that you can do it too although many times people tell you your goals and aspirations are out of reach nothing is impossible and believing in yourself is the only mindset that will help you achieve your dreams.”

I hope that everyone reading this thinks Taylor Powell is a compelling player because I think he is.


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