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49ers legendary QB Steve Young rips Ravens for stunting Lamar Jackson’s growth

Steve Young rips Ravens
Steve Young rips Ravens over stunting the growth of their start quarterback Lamar Jackson. This is wild, Young did not hold back.

Are the Baltimore Ravens holding back Lamar Jackson? Steve Young the legendary quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers just said the Ravens are holding Lamar Jackson back, and he believes Lamar Jackson could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever if the Ravens developed their passing game. Steve Young rips Ravens in his comments. This is rough.


“They will never get to championship football without a sophisticated passing game. That has nothing to do with Lamar Jackson,” Young said. “Lamar Jackson is a complete player that is not being trained in being a sophisticated passer. … Now you ask why isn’t he getting paid to be Patrick Mahomes? Because they haven’t given him a chance to be Patrick Mahomes.”

“Lamar Jackson’s damned because of what the Ravens are doing, not because of Lamar Jackson. I can’t wait for someone to train Lamar Jackson in a sophisticated passing game,” Young added. “I think he’d be the greatest player in the history of the game. He’s being held back by the Ravens year after year because they keep doubling down to this thing that Lamar Jackson is great at (running). He’s the best at that. That’s not what they need to play championship football.”

Steve Young snapped, he just went in on the Baltimore Ravens.

Last year, Lamar Jackson was limited to 12 games because of an illness and an ankle injury. He completed 246 of 382 passes for 2,882 yards and 16 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. He was also sacked a career-high 38 times.

Jackson is the only player in NFL history with more than 7,500 passing yards and 3,500 rushing yards in his first four seasons.


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