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Dwayne Haskins wife and witness phone calls released | So Sad and Tragic to hear

A man reportedly called the police six minutes before the accident that killed Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins.
Dwayne Haskins wife and a witness called 911 within moments of the tragic accident that killed Haskins. We now have the phone calls to 911

Dwayne Haskins’ wife was panicking when she called police the day of Haskins’ Death. She was in Pittsburgh and called the police to notify them that Dwayne has not been picking up his phone.

The phone call which was obtained by Andy Slater on Twitter, has Kalabrya Haskins on the phone with police about 10 minutes after speaking with Haskins saying she has his location but he is not answering the call.

She is notified by the police dispatch that there was an incident and police/search teams were on the way to the incident.

Then this call was released of a witness who seen the accident. She is yelling while on the phone to get out of the road. Then she starts crying and it sounds like Dwayne was already hit by this point. It is so sad, listen here.

Slater then dropped this bombshell as well.


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