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USFL Player Interview: Sean Brown, OL, Philadelphia Stars

Sean Brown the massive offensive lineman has been drafted by Philadelphia and recently sat down with Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen

By: Justin Berendzen @jrberendzen

Spring football is back and this time we will have the USFL playing April 2022. Below is one of my interviews with a player who is playing for a USFL team and I hope you all take a look at it. Follow Sean’s journey and make sure you follow him on both Twitter and Instagram.

What does the game of football mean to you?

  • The game of football means everything to me, simply because it has taught me not only how to become a great player but also how to manage my life to become a great man! Football teaches you teamwork, what it takes to win, and how to go through adversity which I use in everyday life today!

What are the details you focus on the mostwhen you are training and practicing?

  • I do my best to focus on visualizing my opponent in front of me, so my trainers and I make sure all my workouts convert to my play on the football field!

Who is your favorite NFL player and why?

  • My favorite NFL player at the moment is Quenton Nelson because he relentless and and amazing technician! I also love Jason Kelce I really believe our game is very similar and he just a hell of a player!

How are you looking to forward your career after the USFL?

  • After the USFL I’m very hopeful I get my opportunity in the NFL still because I know I’m very capable of making a difference on some of these franchises!

What are your expectations for the USFL season?

  • I expect to win, have fun, and get better every week!

What is your favorite offensive scheme and why?

  • My favorite offensive scheme is any scheme where can run the ball at least 15-20 times a game!!!! Other than that I love the spread concepts simply because we can do such much with it, like RPOs, quick came, and lots of zone read concepts.

How has your experience as a professional football player been so far?

  • My experience had been nothing but exciting and fun I love the journey I have taken because it has only made me stronger!

Which future teammates or coaches of the Philadelphia Stars are you looking forward playing with/under the most and why?

  • I’m looking to play with and under everyone especially the offensive line because everyone on this team brings something different and I’m willing and ready to learn something new from about everyone!

As a offensive linemen what is one thing you pride yourself on the most?

  • I pride my self on protecting my QB! He’s our bread and butter he will bring us to the promise land! We need each other to get to the promise land!

What is Sean Brown going to bring to the Philadelphia Stars as a player?

  • Sean Brown will bring leadership, pride, lots of energy, and a winning attitude to the Philadelphia Stars!

What workout challenges you the most?

  • All of them! My trainers push me everyday I clock in to the max there are no days where I feel like something is easy and I’m happy about that!

What are you looking to improve the most as a player while you are playing for the Philadelphia Stars?

  • I’m looking to improve my consistency and every aspect of the game! Preparation, play recognition, leadership, and technique!

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