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2022 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Keric Wheatfall, WR, Fresno State

Keric Wheatfall the standout wide receiver from Fresno State recently sat down with NFL Drat Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen.
Keric Wheatfall the standout wide receiver from Fresno State recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen.

What are your favorite moments from your football life?

My top 2 favorite moments, one was in high school my junior year when I scored on a deep post 1st play coming out of half, we were playing the #1 team in Texas arguably that year Katy Tigers and we were actually down a touchdown at the time and just turning around and watching my mom jump up and down happy kept a smile on my face. My second favorite was going into my first year at Fresno State coming off an injury about the 3rd game I ran a deep post and when I made that diving catch I just stood up and started looking around the whole stadium, that moment was real to me in a lot of ways, I mean when I stood up and just looked around seeing Bulldog stadium filled up and jumping was really exciting, that moment really was special because me just realizing all the work I had to do to just get here it was real.

What sets you apart from other wide receivers?

I consistently work hard, I mean I’m always hard on myself and what others may think is good I’m thinking how to get better and great at it all the time and I do it.

How are you planning to prepare for the draft?

I’m working with Kyle Kleeman for DST Houston for speed and strength and so far everything has been going great! Wide receiver wise I’m in the lab with Delfonte Diamond and this man is everything you could ask for in a trainer and that’s all I’m going to say. But I never had a trainer before till I met Delfonte my last season at Fresno State (2021) so I’m blessed to be able to train with him.

If there was a billboard with 5 of your traits on it which 5 traits would be up there?

Patience, self confidence, hard working, passionate and dependable.

What type of energy do you bring onto the football field?

I be out there vibing in my head, dancing and all that or if I see that practice is quiet I’m going to bring the energy and get guys going.

If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

DeAndre Hopkins because he’s my favorite receiver, been my favorite ever since that game I watched when he was at Clemson playing in the Chick-fil-A bowl.

What should we know about Keric Wheatfall the person?

Should know that I love challenges and that I’m a warm hearted person that loves to smile.

What is your favorite route and why?

If I had to choose it would be any type of post route because that’s been the route for me since middle school.

What do you think are the keys to success on the football field?

Studying your playbook and your opponent and most definitely to be able to stay level headed, and patient.

What would a team get in a player like you?

They would get someone that’s willing to do whatever to win, whatever role that may be I’m getting after it 110 percent.

How do you handle challenges both in life and on the football field?

I pray and keep going, while staying patient.

What are you looking to achieve as a football player going forward?

I’m on a mission to prove myself right.

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