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Can we talk about Patrick Mahomes regression? What is going on?

Patrick Mahomes looks horrible this year. He does not look like the quarterback in the past few years. What is going on?

Right now, Patrick Mahomes leads the NFL with 9 INTs (tied with Zach Wilson, has six straight games with a pick (longest of career), he has 16 INTs in 16 games, had 2 turnovers today, and was down 27-0 at the half against the Titans.

Mahomes is slowly regressing. I mean, he has a new offensive line. They spent tons of money on players like Joe Thuney and several draft picks on offensive linemen, but it is not helping. The Chiefs wide receivers have been dropping the ball, Mahomes has made some horrible throws, and today he was hurt during a sack.

While Mahomes was cleared to return the game was already over. The Chiefs were spanked today and if you are a Chiefs fan you have to be somewhat concerned. The Chiefs do not look like a very good team right now. They have lost to the Chargers, Ravens, Bills and Titans. Four very good teams, and they beat the Browns, Eagles and Washington. Next week the Chiefs have the Giants, which they should win with ease, but after that they have a tough schedule.

The Chiefs have the Packers, Raiders, and Cowboys next. The Chiefs need to start winning soon. They are third in their division and they are looking like they may not even make the playoffs.

Should we be talking about the regression of Mahomes? Or is he just going through a rough patch? I mean the Chiefs gave him too much money to be asking this question.

If Mahomes cannot go do they try to sign Cam Newton? Or do they trust Chad Henne?


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