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Former Eagles coach and analytics expert exposes Dak Prescott and Tom Brady’s play calls on Twitter

Do Dak Prescott and Tom Brady make the same call too many times in a game? One former coach calls out their errors.

Ryan Paganetti was a former assistant linebackers coach and analytics expert for the Philadelphia Eagles. He went to Twitter last night to voice his problem with Dak Prescott calling a run play.

Paganetti claims that every time Dak Prescott punches his fists together, he is telling his wide outs to run block and that it will be a run.

If you look at the game last night, Zeke Elliott was worthless and so was the Cowboys running attack. So maybe the Buccaneers caught onto what Paganetti was pointing out, but he did not stop there.

Paganetti continue to say that Brady makes the same calls with Linda and Rita. Linda meaning Left and Rita meaning Right.

He also shared this.

Ryan Paganetti is becoming a star on Twitter and I am sure NFL teams will be paying attention to his account all year now as well!


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