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Matt Corral Scouting Report | Ole Miss Quarterback needs to be more consistent in 2021

Matt Corrall Ole Miss NFL Draft 2022
Ole Miss QB Matt Corral is rated very high by NFL scouts. He needs to work on consistency to improve his stock. He is a big time play maker but is he a first rounder?

Matt Corral, #2, Ole Miss, 6’1, 206 lbs


  • Good, but not spectacular arm strength
  • Good accuracy at all levels, however it can be inconsistent
  • Very good athlete, good and very smart runner
    • Gets what he can and knows when to get down
  • Slow getting through progressions
  • Needs to speed up everything just a tick in the passing game
    • Internal clock and getting through progressions
    • Seems to get caught hanging on to first or second progression for too long
  • How will he respond without having his go to guy Elijah Moore
  • Would like to see him put on some weight
    • Would help him feel more comfortable in the pocket and as a runner
  • 6 INTs vs Arkansas and 5 against LSU
    • Several are because throws outside the numbers to the right side were left inside so the DB could make a play on it
  • Dances around behind the line too much, needs to throw the ball away or hit check down
  • Against Alabama, the game was tied at 21, Ole Miss had the ball at their own 20 with 59 seconds and three time outs, but Lane Kiffin decided to run out the half, which is very interesting

Write Up– Matt Corral is an all-around solid quarterback. He has a strong arm, is accurate at all levels, and he is a very capable runner. His biggest concern is consistency. His accuracy at times can be elite, but there are times that he struggles to hit his receivers. As a runner, he is pretty smart in knowing when to get down. I would like to see him find his check down instead of dance around in the pocket and run all the time, it will save his body a lot. He has a pretty small frame, I am sure he put on some weight in the off season which will help him. He can be slow getting through his progressions at times and can get caught hanging onto his first read too long, causing him to throw late to his next read or force him to run. He still doesn’t totally trust himself sometimes, he choked the ball (Started to throw but pulled it back and held onto the ball) a lot last year. His games against LSU and Arkansas cannot go unflagged. 2 games with over 5 INTs is a big red flag, especially when one was returned for a touchdown in each game. 2021 is going to be a huge year for Corral. The word he needs to live by is consistency. He had his peaks and certainly valleys in a strange 2020 season. He is not going to have his number one weapon Elijah Moore, so Corral is going to have to elevate the offense. I expect a big jump from him in 2021 when it comes to getting through his reads and checking the ball down instead of running. He has the tools to be a solid quarterback in the league, he just needs to be more consistent.

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