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Josh Rosen fooled a lot of NFL fans, many thought he would be the next big QB and he just never turned out.

Quarterback Josh Rosen is a classic example that the big name “experts” are not always right. 

Although they tend to control the national narrative of what a majority of fans believe, I repeat, they are not always right.

In fact, they can be dead wrong.

There is a collective narrative that exists in football – – a common train of thought out there that is believed without question because of who and where the information is coming from. If a well-known “expert,” major network or popular publication says it, that’s itright? 

I watch as people will fight to the virtual death in social media circles defending these popular narratives “experts” put out there, which are really often controlled by the money behind their “evaluations.” 

QB Josh Rosen (2018 First Round, 10th overall). 

Please take a moment and click on this link. You have got to see this. 

Across the boards, the “experts” all thought Rosen was the next big thing. Look at the names in the article and just look at their comments. Ironically, all of the “experts” takes all sound about the same. There are no games even listed they “studied” to form their “evaluations.” So what is the basis, and foundation for their “scouting reports?” Are they just pulling the stuff out of thin air? Are they getting compensated on the side to push a player? Is their employer telling them what to write? Are they just all copying each other and taking the approach that if they are wrong nobody will really remember anyways or hold them accountable so it does not really matter? Is there some sort of job security in numbers and since they are all saying the same thing who cares if they are wrong? What are they going to do, fire the media? What is it? 

Just look at the names and the news sources that thought Rosen was the next best thing since sliced bread; Chad Reuter (, Gregg Rosenthal (, Mel Kiper Jr. (ESPN), Pete Prisco (CBS Sports), Will Brinson (CBS Sports), Andy Benoit (Sports Illustrated), Vinnie Iyer (The Sporting News), Nate Davis (USA Today), Frank Scwab (Yahoo Sports), Dan Kadar (SB Nation), Geoff Schwartz (SB Nation), Mark Maske (Washington Post), Richard Janvrin (Bleacher Report), Steven Ruiz (For the Win), and Danny Kelly (no relation and no – – this is not me – – The Ringer). 

That about covers it. Those are pretty much all of the “experts” and outlets out there fans listen to and trust without question? 

Here is the collective “experts” takes (in no specific order) what they told fans about Rosen:

“Best passer in the draft,” “Most NFL ready passer,” “Best QB in this draft,” “Most polished QB in this draft,” “He’s fearless both on and off the field,” “Reads defenses in an instant,” “When he drops back and throws on time, it’s a thing of beauty,” “He makes throws few quarterbacks can,” “His timing, anticipation and ability to make plays under duress translates so well to the NFL level,” “Rosen is nearly flawless mechanically,” He was the fourth quarterback drafted and he wlll be the best of them all,” “It’s the perfect fit between team and player.” 

Bang…bang…bang on the same damn drum. Do you see the commonality – – why are they all saying pretty much the same thing? Why does it look like they all had the same answers to the test? Where is the list of games they watched to form their evaluations of Rosen? These “experts” make Rosen sound like a blue-chip talent, the same Rosen who has been thrown in the garbage by four NFL teams in three years. 

Is that who you want to get your information from? 

I have always said it would be fascinating if someone started an independent research group that holds these “experts” accountable to their evaluations and their predictions. 

I think it is time fans hold “experts” (who have not even spent a day in their life in the NFL) accountable, instead of continuing to believe what they say like it’s another book in the Bible. I think it is time to demand evaluators in the media to list the games they are watching at the very least to support their player evaluations instead of just freely running their mouths? 

This season, prior to the draft, I was the one voice in America who said I believe signal callers Trevor Lawrence, Trey Lance and Zach Wilson will be busts. I have people from all over this country and all over this world messaging me and telling me they are taking screen shots and saving them.

How about “can’t miss” Rosen – – when is everyone going to send all these “experts” screen shots? 

When is everyone going to stop believing what these “experts” are saying and worse yet – – taking these narratives as their own? 

Daniel Kelly is a former NFL scout with the New York Jets. He was hired on the regime which featured Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, Scott Pioli, Mike Tannenbaum, and Dick Haley. He currently writes for Sports Illustrated Detroit Lions and he is a contributing evaluator for Draft Diamonds. For more information about him visit his website at He can be followed on Twitter @danielkellybook and his Facebook page is WHATEVER IT TAKES NFL TALK. 

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