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NFL Draft Diamonds Free Agent Spotlight: Pika Leota, Offensive Lineman

Former South Carolina Gamecock offensive lineman Pika Leota recenlty st down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen. Check out his interview.

Hello, this is @jrberendzen on Twitter and I am here to put a spotlight on OL Pika Leota (@GKnolltopfarm) Twitter he’s a very good underrated offensive lineman who has the ability to play at the highest level.

He can compete like a top offensive lineman compete so I asked him some questions. So I asked him what sets him apart from other offensive linemen and Pika said

“What sets me apart from other offensive lineman is how much of a student of the game I am; no other lineman will be in their playbook like I will be and I know that every detail counts down to the technique!!”

He also added

“Another thing that sets me apart is that I’m a good hand fighter. My parents made sure I learned karate when I was growing up!!”

Then I asked him what a team would get in a player like him and he said

“A team needs a player like me because of the work ethic I can bring to the table; not only that but I’m prolific in pass-pro and even better in the run/ screen games.”

I think that Pika Leota would be a compelling offensive lineman to take a look at.


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