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2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Zion Tupuola-Fetui, EDGE, University of Washington

Zion Tupuola-Fetui, EDGE, University of Washington
Zion Tupuola-Fetui the solid EDGE rusher from the University of Washington is good but where will he be drafted? Scouting Report

By: @Draftday101 aka Antoine Tshiyombo

  • Zion Tupuola-Fetui Edge 
  • Redshirt Junior 
  • Schools: Pearl City High School – University of Washington 
  • Hometown: Perl City Hawaii 
  • Size: 6”3 271 pounds with above average length (just add muscle no more weight to the frame)


His last name is pronounced Two-Pooh-LaFa-Two Nick name ZTF. The Child of Tammy and Molia. was a monster in High School played everything you need was a Dominant Pass catcher. Playing both WR and TE and Just seemed unstoppable. But his true love was on the Defensive side and always knew.His Coach RobinKami spoke highly of him. Made his selection between California Vanderbilt and chose Washington. Zion impact was not felt his first year as he only appeared in twogames. Grabbing one tackle and qualified for A Redshirt. Played as a rotational player the following year and appeared in all but one of the 13 games playing mostly on special teams. After an opting out of then teammate Joe Tryon Zion got his chance to start and took full advantage as the country best snap to snap pass rusher earning All conference. Zion is coming into the season with a little bit of hype on the west coast but hoping by the year he will have the nations attention. 

Personality: Laid back big fan of Drake. Seems to enjoy his individuality. Solid humble kid seems to love the game for the Correct Reasons. Can sing as well. Just learning what it means to work out as he is filling his body. 

Background Grade: 33/35 

Red Flags: Limited Playing time 5 career starts small sample size. Might be a fluke.


Scheme and Usage: 

Washington played him at the Jack Linebacker position with is the open-side Edge in Jimmy Lakes Defensive 2-4-5 Alignment. With his run responsibilities being to just Keep everything inside nothing goes outside. He mostly was asked to play in space on Run downs and attack from a far 9 tech allowing him to often have the open shoulder of the farthest blocker. This lead to many one on ones situations. 

First step Quickness: 

Comes off the Two point stance and immediately Covers ground with his long Legs. Has a strong burst. His 3 point stance get off is boarder-line elite he gets off the ball so well that you could have have him in exclusive in a wide 9 and he get to a bend position before any lineman can get his hands on him. 20/20

Converting Speed to power:

His bull rush is far advanced for a guy of his experience. When he gets off the ball and explodes into a blockers chest the man is at Tupuola-FetuMercy even with one hand. 14/16


Rushes with a plan was out smarting almost every offensive lineman he would show you one move than give you another. His false speed rush turned cross chop is a problem. 7/8

Hand usage: 

Has quick hands and will get into blockers chest with by chopping off tackles arms. 9/10


Doesn’t drop his hips but is still in enough of a dip that he can still turn the corner. A little stiff. 4/11


Doesn’t always look at what he is trying to tacklegets home most of the time only missed 3 tackles all of last year. 6/10


He played off ball Linebacker 11 times last year at 270 pounds but wasn’t particularly good at it. Just lacked the fluidity. 2/5


Won’t run down backside pursuits.  Once he sees run he turns it down. Not his fault as much as it is scheme. 4/11

Run Defense:

Was rotated out a lot. Doesn’t play run as hard on Run downs as pass. Just throws his weight around. 2/9

Film Grade: 68/100

Projected Athletic ability 

  • Speed: Average for position 8/15
  • Strength: Above Average 16/20
  • Lower body explosiveness: Near elite 16/17
  • Agility: Near elite  12/13
  • Projected Athletic ability: 52/65

Overall grade: 153/200 2nd rounder/ Above Average Starter.


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