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Ohio State QB Justin Fields suffers from Epilepsy | Could his stock take a hit?

Ohio State QB Justin Fields Highlights
Today it was announced that Justin Fields from Ohio State suffers from Epilepsy. I am hoping this news leak will not hurt his stock, but it depends how bad of a case he has.

If you have never witnessed a person having a seizure it is a very scare scene. Many in the United States of America suffer from Epilepsy, but it is definitely something that can be managed.

Over my time of covering football, I can think of four players I scouted that suffered from Epilepsy and one of them is a Hall of Famer. Alan Faneca, Tiki Barber, Samari Rolle and Jason Snelling all suffer from Epilepsy, but that did not stop them from having a wonderful career in the NFL.

Today, Ian Rapoport is reporting that Justin Fields the projected first round pick suffers from seizures. Could this hurt his draft stock? That is something medical teams will have to determine.

I am not sure if Fields stock will drop, but he has been a big time prospect for years and it has not been an issue up until this point. I hope this news does not hurt his stock, but it is kind of big news.


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