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Rams defensive lineman takes a shot at Jared Goff saying Matthew Stafford is a level up compared to Goff

Matthew Stafford Rams NFL Draft
Can Matthew Stafford get the Rams over the hump? The former Lions gunslinger is rated pretty high when we look at the NFL MVP Odds.

Rams defensive lineman Michael Brockers was stopped by TMZ Sports when he was at the airport and asked him about his new quarterback Matthew Stafford. Brockers quickly said that Stafford is a level up over Jared Goff.

“Is it a level up?” Brockers said when asked if Stafford was an upgrade over Goff. “In my heart, deeply, just understanding what [Stafford] brings, it’s a level up [over Goff].”

“It’s a level up.”

I feel bad for Jared Goff and I hope he tears it up in Detroit. Since he left everyone turned on him. Jared Goff is not a bum, people are crazy. His worst season was his rookie year. Since 2017, he has thrown for at least 3,804, and 20 touchdowns every year. I know people are pumped for Matthew Stafford only threw for only 100 more yards than Goff last season and 6 more touchdowns. When it comes to interceptions he had 10 and Goff had 13. But, Goff had a better completion percentage. We will see what happens, but I do not see this is a huge level up.


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