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Deshaun Watson Trade Rumors | Panthers continue to create cap space

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson trade rumors are heating up. Some believe the Jets will land the former Clemson QB, some believe the Panthers will get him. Will he even leave the Texans?

The Carolina Panthers are not slowing down. Scott Fitterer the new General Manager of the Carolina Panthers is creating a ton of cap space. Maybe you do not see what I am seeing, but the Panthers are on a mission to make a run for Deshaun Watson.

There have been tons of trade rumors involving Deshaun Watson. We even predicted Watson traded to the Raiders would be the move.

The Panthers currently pick 8th in the NFL draft and recently John McClain of the Houston Chronicle said that the Texans quarterback will likely remain with the team. While, I believe that as well if he holds out he would only hurt himself. He could easily sit out until week 10 and still get an accrued NFL season.

The Texans could get sick of the headache though and trade him.

So guess who is preparing as if Watson will be traded? The Carolina Panthers! They continue to create cap room.

The Panthers have converted $7.04M of C Matt Paradis’ $8.03M base salary in 2021 into a signing bonus, creating $4,693,334 in cap space.

The Panthers also created 20 million dollars in cap space by cutting Kawaun Short, Tre Boston, Michael Palardy and Stephen Weatherly. So if you add this all up the Panthers have around 40 million dollars in cap space right now.

The team is going to make a run after Deshaun Watson. There have been rumors that Watson could be traded for Christian McCaffrey and multiple first round picks.

If the Panthers do land their quarterback it would improve Matt Rhule’s offense which is already solid. The Texans would get a face in the franchise with C-Mac, and tons of draft capital. I wonder if they could then try to trade up to the top 5 to land their future quarterback? We shall see but at this point do not count out the New York Jets who pick second in the NFL Draft.


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