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Five NFL New Year’s Resolutions

Rashard Higgins Browns Friday Flex Fantasy
Cleveland Browns will no longer be the push over in the NFL. From 0-16 a few years ago to a chance at the playoffs.

By: NFLHeads

Congrats, if you are reading this you have officially passed the 2020 mark, and have made it to 2021. I think we will all remember the same thing from 2020, after all it’s been the center of global attention for the entire year, I speak of course of Carson Wentz being benched. With all that’s happened to these teams, I’ve come to spread wisdom wherever I can, and here it starts with my first suggestion.

Let’s Quit Negotiating These Massive No Win Contracts

We saw this with Todd Gurley, the Rams ate a massive amount of dead money with Gurley after they cut him, and the same has happened with players like Nick Foles and Blake Bortles. This year’s victim is Carson Wentz, quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. Wentz has seen a massive recession and it is clear that the Eagles want to get rid of him, but they can’t due to his massive contract. The same might turn out to be true with a player like Christian McCaffrey, or CJ Mosley.

Can We Please Stop Honking About Midseason Quarterback Trades?

So in the midseason, I heard a lot of squabble about Matt Ryan being traded during the regular season, this is not only hooey because of the rule of forever that you don’t trade franchise quarterbacks, but you’re not going to give away your best quarterback in the middle of the season. Offseason rumors are one thing, but yakking about midseason quarterback trades is an embarrassing flag to wave.

Let’s Get An Entry Level Pro Bowl Test

I don’t know how players like Trey Hendrickson continue to be left out of the Pro Bowl, but at some point this madness has to end. I suggest a test for all people wishing to submit a Pro Bowl vote, this should be a timed test of about 10-20 questions, and they should be questions that real fans should be able to answer rather easily. At some point this ridiculousness has to end, so let’s end it now.

The Social Rules of Team Fandom Need to Change

I have considered devoting entire articles to just this subject, but it just isn’t worth it. I think fandom usually starts at youth, and that loyalty carries over for a long time. At some point as you develop as a fan, you also develop a brain of your own. So if you find yourself being too emotionally invested in your team, or being done with your team’s crappy coaching, front office, or history, just ditch them. You have that right as a fan. This isn’t to say you should bandwagon, I believe if you ditch your team you have a responsibility to not jump on the best possible team. But fans need to be made aware that they have this right, blind faith in a team is a creative way of saying stupidity.

Stop Using the Phrase “0-16” Unless it is an Applicable Statement

There’s a reason that the Lions and the Browns are the only two teams to lose every single game of the regular season, it’s a very hard feat to achieve. So let’s stop saying that teams are going to lose every game of the season if the team is still 0-9, it’s a stupid thing to say and it shows laziness.


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