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Draft Buzz: Catching up with Coastal Carolina CB D’Jordan Strong

D’Jordan Strong has given the Chants swag in the secondary. Much like former Chants corner Josh Norman, Strong plays with a ton of confidence. He recently sat down with Jon-Michael Salter of NFL Draft Diamonds.

Before sitting down with Coastal Carolina, Cornerback D’Jordan Strong. I decided to speak with my scouting source and watch some game film together. Watching the young prospect, it was easy to fall in love with his potential. Arguably his best trait is his versatility. With the skill set to play anywhere across the defensive back end. Blessed with quick hips, a smooth stride, and great eyes. Strong, is built to be a legit prospect. After a productive hour of watching the rising star, I asked for a quote on Strong?

“Boy, that kid is a good one. Great talent, could be at least. I mean with some development, he could be a guy that has ten great years in the NFL. Right now in college, he has the look of a guy with great potential. I like his style. That aggressive play of his is intriguing. he has a real nasty streak in the run game. Doesn’t seem to be too concerned with his own body when he sticks his nose in the run game. Obviously, he can cover. I think he can play zone and man, maybe a bit better in man right now. I like his speed, and his capability to turn and run without a misstep. That is important to me. I need my corners to make each step count. He does that right now, and I think he gets better with time. Is he a kid that gets drafted right now? I won’t answer that, because I would be lying. I don’t know. But he has the potential to be a real star, at the very least a good corner at the highest level. I think we will be discussing him all offseason, all year up to whatever draft he goes in.”

Moving forward I asked Strong, what he thought his biggest strengths are? as well as the things he feels he needs to work on?

“A smart guy will say they need to work on everything. That’s what I feel I need to do for myself. I need to get better at everything, even the things I do well. Does that make sense? I feel like I can’t be comfortable right now. Probably never will be. I mean, I am always working on my craft. I need to be. I want to get stronger, faster, I want to watch more tape. I want to be the best player on this field at every time. I feel like if I continue to work my butt off, it will all work out for me. You know you say I have been getting a nice little buzz. I don’t think it matters really. While it has been nice to get some recognition, it doesn’t matter right now. I need to keep my focus on being the best version of myself. I keep my mind on my team, getting better, and being a good teammate. I guess the things I do well, are my football IQ. Honestly after that, you pick. I mean like I said, I’m going to work on everything, even the things that you and anyone say I do well. if I have to really answer that, I think you gotta say my willingness to work my butt off.”

Outside of the play on the field, I wanted to know who D’Jordan Strong, is?

“Outside of football, I am a family man. Family first for me. I am sure you hear that all the time. you do a ton of interviews. But for me it really matters, it is the truth. Without my family would be nothing. I know that I know I owe them everything. So yeah that’s me. Also, I am a guy that is going to work hard at everything I do. On the field, off the field. In the locker room. In the classroom. I want to work hard all the time. I also like to hang out with my friends. I like to have a lowkey time. Never anything crazy, really. I like to chill. Be it with friends or my family. I guess you could say I am a simple guy. Football and family.”

While watching the tape I couldn’t help but smile at the rising stars’ potential. I really enjoyed his film and the play he brought to the game. But what stood out to me the most, was after the film study. When the game was over, the fans were gone. D’Jordan Strong is just a humble kid, that is sure of what he wants, and how to do it. He is an easy kid to talk to. You add that to his physical tools, and you have a guy that could help any NFL team. Like I always say watch the tape, and learn for yourself. Strong, has the chance to be a real difference-maker at the next level.

Damond Talbot

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