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Draft Buzz: Catching up with Coastal Carolina RB C.J. Marable

C.J. Marable Coastal Carolina NFL Draft
Coastal Carolina running back C.J. Marable is one of the top backs in the Sun Belt. He sat down with Jon-Michael Salter of NFL Draft Diamonds.

The recent draft buzz on Coastal Carolina running back C.J. Marable has been a lot like him. In a word, explosive. Media and NFL scouts alike seemed to have fallen in love with the Decatur, Georgia product. Marable is built to tote the rock in any offense at 5-10 200 lb. Marable has the skill set that offensive coaches covet in both the college and NFL world. I recently sat down with the rising star and had a chance to pick his brain. I asked him about his playing style and who he is outside of football? Before I sat down with Marable, I spoke with my scouting source and asked him his thoughts on the young runner?

“CJ is a good one! I like his tape. I love his tape. He has a few things he must improve on. Every prospect heading towards the draft has something they can improve on. They all have flaws! No one is perfect unless you are Adrian Peterson. Anyway, I had to keep watching when I looked at him. I like his style. He has an aggressive nature to him. He always seems to be smiling. So he seems to be a good guy. But back to his playstyle, you know, he has a good blend of a nice size and speed. He is strong, has a strong bottom. He has the push you feel like can help him break tackles. He also has the speed that you love. He can pull away from defenders and score from 60 yards out. He helps in the passing game. A good blocker could be better. He can also catch passes out of the backfield or spread him out. He is a weapon. He reminds me of the Packers running back, (Aaron) Jones. Smooth with the ball in his hands. Never a wasted step, he hits the hole and goes. So I like him and think he could be a prospect we see play on Sundays.”

While the draft buzz on Marable has been what he brings to the game, everyone wants to know more about his personality.

Man, outside of football, I am a normal guy. Family man, first and foremost. I know that without my family and my closest friends, I would be nowhere. I feel like I wouldn’t be as successful without them. They are the reason I am always smiling. I feel like it is infectious. Do you know? You come in smiling and talking your guys up, and just showing love, it can spread. It is like a good disease, I guess. I feel like life is too short to waste my time stressing about things I can not control. I need to keep my focus on my game, my family, and my life. I mean, that is who I am. I am a chilled guy. Relaxed, don’t go out looking for trouble. I would rather stay at home, eat, or hang out. Stay in a calm situation. That’s me.” 

Moving forward, he touched on his playing style and what it is like facing a defense as he sees every day at practice.

“As far as my playing style. I like to have fun out there. During the games, I am focused but having fun and working my butt off. I don’t ever want to be outworked by anyone. I know I am going to get on the field and just ball. That is my approach to my playing style. The game is slowing down for me, and I think that is because of the work I put in during the week. We have a great coaching staff leading us. I have great guys around me. I know they have my back, and I hope they know I have theirs. As far as facing a defense like ours, They are nasty! Honestly, they are stacked. I feel like our defense can beat down an offense, whether it is from pass-rushing or shutting down the run. I know I wouldn’t want to face them during a game. All of Them, including (Tarron) Jackson and (Jeffrey) Gunter, are tough! You could pick a level of the defense and find a guy that could shut down an offense. So I mean facing them, I am not sure how you beat them. Because once you figure out something that works, they shut it down. It doesn’t last long. They lead the team. So I am just trying my best to match their intensity. “

This one is easy. Watch the film on this kid, and you will see what the rest of us do. Marable is a talented running back with the skills and tools to be a real problem at the next level. Marable has 2,000 yards and 25 touchdowns over two-plus years. Do yourself a favor and watch the tape this week against the undefeated BYU football team.

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