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NFL Draft Diamonds Week 5 Picks, Predictions, and Fantasy Sleepers

Picks Predictions and Fantasy Sleepers
Who will win this week? What fantasy football players will show out? Are there any upsets brewing? Find out here on NFL Draft Diamonds

Last week we had a freaking tie!!!! We still did good but it is going to be that kind of year. Let’s break down our Week 5 Picks, Predictions, and Fantasy Sleepers. Last week, we were 10-4 last week, bringing our record on the year to 40-18-1. The Cowboys let me down big time and not one of my fantasy sleepers made an impact. Time for that to change this week.


  • Panthers v. Falcons
  • Raiders v. Chiefs
  • Cardinals v. Jets
  • Eagles v. Steelers
  • Rams v. Washington
  • Bengals v. Ravens
  • Jaguars v. Texans
  • Dolphins v. 49ers
  • Colts v. Browns
  • Giants v. Cowboys
  • Vikings v. Seahawks
  • Broncos v. Patriots
  • Chargers v. Saints
  • Bills v. Titans


  1. Baker Mayfield and the Browns win again. Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry and David Njoku have a great day against the Colts secondary that has been playing big time. With Darius Leonard out the Browns can control the middle of the field. Browns score 40 two weeks in a row.
  2. Washington ends up with Alex Smith in the game. Kyle Allen is hurt in the 3rd quarter and Smith comes in. He ends up leading his team back but cannot pull off the win. What an incredible story.
  3. Dan Quinn and the Falcons get their first win of the year. They are able to slow down Teddy Bridgewater and the Falcons wide outs have a great game.

Fantasy Sleepers

  1. Le’Veon Bell has a great game. The Jets finally get a running game established. Bell ends up with 75 yards rushing and 60 receiving plus 2 touchdowns against the Cardinals.
  2. Cole Beasley and the Buffalo Bills move to 5-0. Beasley finishes the game with 100 yards receiving. Great game too, it goes to overtime.
  3. Bengals take the Ravens to Overtime and Joe Burrow ends up getting sacked and losing the ball. The Ravens hang on after Justin Tucker hits a field goal with time expiring. Joe Burrow throws for 300 against the Ravens too.


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