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10 Must Watch 2020 CFL Draft Picks

Stavros Katsantonis
Stavros Katsantonis the ball-hawking FS from the University of British Columbia was a great draft pick for the Hamilton Ti-Cats in the 2020 CFL Draft. Stavros is a must-watch player from the 2020 CFL Draft. 

Brandon Patterson the owner of CFL Fans Only on Facebook recently teamed up with us at NFL Draft Diamonds to bring the best CFL information for our readers.  Brandon breaks down 10 must-watch players that were drafted in the 2020 CFL Draft.  We have interviewed several of them, so check out their interviews and learn more about the prospects below!

1) Ticats DB Stavros Katsantonis, UBC.

Due to size & a positive test for a banned substance, Katsantonis fell out of what many thought was a top 10 pick in the 2019 CFL Draft to a 4th round pick in the 2020 CFL Draft.

An American born national who has non=import status because his father has Canadian citizenship. Katsantonis is an undersized baller who should translate well to a year one special team’s demon. As he adapts to the pro game, look for him to push for FS reps in the Ticats secondary.

2) REDBLACKS OL Ketel Asse, Laval.

Fell 6 rounds on draft day. Ottawa got themselves an extremely motivated prospect. Most teams scratched Asse off their draft boards completely, which caught many people off guard. This towering OL prospect translates to a guard in the CFL with the ability to grow into a spot tackle when needed. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him draw reps in the 2020 season on offense for Ottawa.

3) Eskimos OL Chris Gangerosa, Wagner.

The Edmonton Eskimos stole Gangerossa. A 2-3 round grade fell to round 6. A prospect who outlined as a guard but has the ability to play tackle. A perfect fit behind last year’s selection of OL Kyle Saxelid.

4) Argos OL Dylan Giffen, Western.

Giffen was one of Toronto’s best value picks in the 2020 draft. This prospect has all the tools to translate into an offensive guard. He needs time to develop but has impressive leadership abilities that will make him an asset for the Argos down the road.

5) Alouettes OL Andrew Becker, Regina

Fell in the 2020 draft because teams had issues with Becker’s concussion history. A great pickup for Montreal, as Becker can spot in like last year’s draft pick Zach Wilkinson & play Guard or Center in the CFL.

CFL Top Ranked 2020 CFL Draft Prospects

6) Lions RB Kayden Johnson, York.

Most CFL draft followers named Johnson the best RB in the draft. A few even gave him a 1st round draft grade. He fell to round 7th, providing the Lions with great value. Johnson has all the tools to translate well into the CFL. It will be interesting to see how he develops at the Pro level & how the Lions use him.

7) Riders WR Kian Schafer-Baker, Guelph.

A solid pick for the Riders, who are already in the middle of developing the best upcoming Canadian receiving core in the CFL. He should rotate in year one, with the ability to grow into a useful every-down receiver. One who could be a key 2nd & long check down option for Cody Fajardo.

8) Stampeders WR Trivel Pinto, UBC.

The Stamps land a very interesting prospect in Pinto. Small/undersized but has ability. He is a gamer. The perfect fit for him was in Calgary. They will use his abilities well to help him translate to the Pro game. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him have an impact in games down the stretch in year one. Ahead of other drafted Receivers from 2020.

9) Bombers K Marc Liegghio, Western.

The best kicker in the draft gets to go to Winnipeg & learn from Justin Medlock. What a great situation. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Liegghio develop into an impact kicker like Sandro DeAngelis or Rene Paredes.

10) Eskimos K Dante Brown, Fort Hayes State.

The second-best kicker in the draft heads to Edmonton. A great opportunity to learn from Sean Whyte & Hugh O’Neil. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Brown have a real shot at becoming the next Punter in Edmonton, replacing O’Neil & taking over Kickoffs for the Esks. Brown is a must watch player for the Eskimos.


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