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Are you looking for a good novel to read during quarantine?

NFL Draft Diamonds owner Damond Talbot recently authored a faith-based novel called Prevailed that is now available on Amazon and on Kindle.

Prevailed is about an atheist man named James Carmichael, who would eventually discover the love of Jesus. His commitment to spread the Gospel turns into a passion, creating stardom. He will take a little AME church in North Carolina to a top ranked church earning millions in revenue and creating a true following.

James however is like many Christians, he becomes caught up in everyday life and ends up losing focus of what is truly important. After taking his eye off of Jesus, his world, church and family begin to crumble.

It will take a lot to get James out of the hole he dug for himself. He will eventually prevail but his patience, persistence and prayer will get him another chance at life.

As you know, NFL Draft Diamonds has helped thousands of football players over the years, and at his request, all he would like is for you to retweet, share and post this on your social media accounts. Help him spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but sharing it, purchasing it and fellowshipping about it.


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