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Could you imagine Andy Dalton on any of these teams?

Could you imagine Andy Dalton on any of these teams?

Andy Dalton was released by the Bengals! Dalton was a very solid quarterback and I feel he still has quite a bit left in the tank. I wanted to look at five teams that I think would be a great fit for the former TCU standout. Let’s take a look.

Five teams that could use Dalton!

New England Patriots – The Patriots should be ashamed of themselves. They have the worst quarterback room in the entire NFL. Brian Hoyer and Jared Stidham are competing for the top spot right now. I think Andy Dalton makes the most sense at this time. He could come in right now and is way better than both of the players. The Patriots did not draft a quarterback.

Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars have Gardner Minshew, but Andy Dalton could be a good competive player to add to the QB room. I think Minshew is the future of the Jaguars but what if he does begin to suck bad? You better have a back-up plan. The only other players on their roster right now is Josh Dobbs and rookie QB Jake Luton. They could use a veteran.

Best of the Rest!

Buffalo Bills – What? Why would they be on this list? Well, remember a few years back? Andy Dalton won against the Ravens and helped them get to the playoffs? The Bills love that guy. I mean he received a standing ovation in Buffalo the next year. The Bills have Josh Allen and Jake Fromm, but their savvy veteran is Matt Barkley. Dalton could provide good knowledge to the QB room if he was content on being a back-up.

Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks only have one quarterback on their roster. They need to add a veteran to back up Russ. I think Andy Dalton would be great, but they could be holding out for Cam Newton. Imagine the types of plays you could run with two quarterbacsk on the field? Interesting.

Los Angeles Rams – I know the Rams gave all that money to Jared Goff, but if he ends up injured the Rams back-up is John Wolford. The Rams need a quarterback and I think Andy Dalton maybe better than Goff at this point. I know that maybe a reach but imagine what Dalton could do with the Rams wide outs?


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