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Top NFL Free Agents this season

People can debate all they want about Tom Brady saying he is not the best ever, but if you look at the record books he is, and it is not close.

The National Football League comprises 32 American football teams. They are divided between the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). A typical NFL season runs from September to December. Six top teams from the two conferences take part in the playoffs. In this post, we discuss the eight top NFL players this season.

1.A.J. Green (Wide Receiver)

Green is a 31-year-old wide receiver with an impressive track record. He made many passing attacks in previous NFL seasons. But, the footballer missed all 2019-season games. He played 458 snaps in 2018 and sustained serious injuries. He is a nice selection for teams that need an outside downfield threat.

2. Tom Brady (Quarterback)

New England suffered several offense lapses last year. Tom has played for the Patriots since 2000. But he might leave the team soon. He had a 79.0-grade last year despite struggling in the second half of the season. The quarterback is No. 12 in the latest ranking.

3. Dak Prescott (Quarterback)

It is uncertain whether Prescott will extend his contract with the Dallas Cowboys. He paired with Kellen Moore to form the best-attacking squad in the NFL. Prescott finished the 2019 season with the No. 11 Overall grade and an 80.3 mark. It was his best season since he debuted in the National Football League.

4. Amari Cooper (Wide Receiver)

The Dallas Cowboys signed Amari in 2018. He has significantly improved its offense and had an 84.1 overall grade last season. The wide receiver had 503 yards on deep passes and set the third top mark in the NFL. Also, he caught more than 60 percent of the deep passes he received. American sports fans who engage in live football betting can wager on Amari as the best wide receiver in 2020.

5. Philip Rivers (Quarterback)

Philip has been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in recent years. He was the 18th player last season and recorded the fifth-highest turnover plays percentage in 2019. But, the quarterback can maintain his productivity by playing behind an offensive line with enough pass protection.

6. Ryan Tannehill (Quarterback)

Ryan has the highest overall grade in 2019. He increased his percentage of positive throws in the regular season. It was his first time to grade more than 80.4. The Titans might offer him more playtime this season to maintain his top-notch performance. But, it needs to create another plan since it is tricky for attain a 90.0 overall grade.

7. Drew Brees (Quarterback)

The Saints performed dismally in their last games of the 2019 season. Drew made several mistakes in the last three weeks. But he had a 90.6 overall grade and a low percentage of negatively graded throws. Drew has appeared in the Saints’ rosters since 2017.

8. Chris Jones (Defensive End)

Chris is a talented defensive linesman in the National Football League. He had an 84.0 overall grade in the 2019 season and was the sixth-best defensive linesman. Jones has been among the top eight defensive end players for three years.

A.J. Green, Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, and Amari Cooper are all household names in the National Football League. Most popular sportsbooks will offer timely updates of each NFL game.


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