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Offseason QB Carousel: “The What if’s?”

Could Cam Newton be dealt? That is a big question and Craig Forrestal of Draft Diamonds takes a look into the future and examines some “What-If’s”

By Craig Forrestal

We are approaching that time of year when fan bases start to plan for next season and call for players and coaches to be gone in hopes of improving on this year’s misery. However, not all changes have to come from misery. Here is a look at a few potential moves I see happening this offseason. QBs always change homes, so let’s speculate.

What if:

  • The Panthers and Chargers just traded Cam Newton and Philip Rivers straight up? On paper, doesn’t the combo of Austin Ekeler and Melvin Gordon sound like more of a fit for Cam Newton; while Rivers is a perfect compliment to the weapons in Carolina? Newton has had success in a 2-Back system before with Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. Rivers loves to spread the ball around and the Panthers allow Rivers to do that with DJ Moore, Greg Olsen, Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel.
  • The Chicago Bears didn’t just put a bullseye on Cam Newton? 
  • The Bears could theoretically trade for Philip Rivers (I think a 4th or 5th Round Pick completes the trade).
  • The Bears could explore both QB options on the Jaguars roster. Gardner Minshew and Nick Foles should have nearly identical trade value, but the contracts are vastly different. My guess is the Jaguars let go of Minshew for a 3rd Round Pick. The Foles trade might need to include different pieces to make his contract work; which is worth $88 million.
  • Big Ben retires? Well, then Pittsburgh has a problem of its hands because Mason Rudolph, the original heir apparent, was pulled against Cincinnati for an undrafted rookie. I say Teddy Bridgewater could be the answer. Bridgewater was beyond impressive stepping in for Drew Brees this season in New Orleans. Bridgewater should transition to Pittsburgh very easily as a solid offensive line is in place and there is a crowd of RB talent. Pittsburgh would need to add another weapon or 2 in the passing game to give Bridgewater a full toolbox to work with, but on a 4-year and $75 million deal I don’t think you could go wrong.
  • The Top 2 Picks of the 2015 NFL Draft are both backups to begin next season? It’s not crazy. Marcus Mariota (selected 2 overall in 2015) was benched for Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee earlier this season and has remained the Titans backup ever since. Jameis Winston (selected 1 overall in 2015) continues to be a turnover machine while having some “microwave moments”. Microwave moments are when players get hot very fast but it lasts only for a short period of time in the game and then revert back to their normal abilities. My prediction is Marcus Mariota will backup Josh Allen in Buffalo; while Jameis Winston finds himself serving as a backup on a contender or a team that truly believes they’re a contender. Think places like Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Cleveland and/or Minnesota for Winston.


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