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Adam Gase and the Jets Just Won’t Work

Adam Gase will not work our in New York

Adam Gase and the Jets Just Won’t Work

By Craig Forrestal

Twitter: that_sports_guy

It is looking like the New York Jets will fall victim to the Adam Gase QB Guru/Offensive Genius labels as they decided to name him head coach- also interim GM for the NY Jets in 2019. From the very second a wide-eyed Adam Gase was introduced in New York he was getting roasted by the Jets fan base and media.

Adam Gase has reminded us that the NFL means two things in this professional league:

  1. Not For Long
  2. No Flipping Logic

It seems both of Gase’s head coaching gigs will be not for long and after yesterday’s performance against Miami many are saying there was no flipping logic to the game plan employed by the Jets- looking outmatched and dominated by a previously winless Dolphins squad.

While I wish no harm on Adam Gase but it is time for the Jets brass to pull the plug on this experiment. I truly believe that the Jets have been set back three years as an organization due to this year’s dumpster fire.

Here is my thought process on why the Jets should move on from Gase:

The Jets have 1 win off bye against Dallas meaning they had 2 weeks to prepare. Look at all the other offensive performances aside from the Dallas victory and you will season the Jets have failed to score more than 18 in any game this season. They scored 24 points in the Dallas victory. How does an offensive genius fail to manufacture 20 points consistently?

Everything with or without Darnold has been a disaster. The offensive line is not a help at all and I get that, and we touched on the horrid offensive production. However, Le’Veon Bell, Robby Anderson and Jamison Crowder do not leave a young and talented quarterback in San Darnold with a barren cabinet of weapons. When the Jets were forced to play a backup quarterback the offense lacked creativity and did not scheme ways to get the ball into the hands of playmakers in a multitude of ways like other teams have done this season when they have been forced to go to a backup.

When Adam Gase is saying publicly he never wanted to pay Bell that much money and then doesn’t use him at all it is hard to justify Adam Gase as a head coach as he continually clashes with his best players. In Miami it was Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry. Now he has a bone to pick with Le’Veon Bell? Keeping your best players happy is a key to keeping the locker room happy, which causes the chance to win ball games.

Then Gase caused a media storm by last minute shopping Jamal Adams and Le’Veon Bell. So  the Jets spent all that cash in free agency to blow the team up after 8 weeks? If Gase, is also the interim GM is that not him dumping players in an attempt to save his job for next year? It seems like that to me.

And then to cap it off with a loss on the road in your revenge game. And the Jets looked unprepared for that game. The lack of preparation was shown when a snap in the fourth quarter went to the right of Darnold and landed in the end zone before finally finding its way out of bounds for a safety to put the Jets down double-digits and away for good.

The Jets face a tough decision ahead but if they are going to do the right thing for the franchise it would be to move on from Gase now and save the headache of the will/won’t he be back next season questions. I’m not sure where the Jets go from here but I know they go somewhere that does not include Adam Gase.

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