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Tony Romo’s Job as an NFL Commentator Is Safe for Now

Toby Romo’s Job as a commentator is safe for now!

Many of Tony Romo’s fans were worried that he might soon have to leave his job as an NFL commentator on CBS, as he seemed to be making quite the solid progress in his golfing career. The former NFL quarterback has managed to build a nice following of fans with his TV career over time, and many were seemingly disappointed at the prospect of seeing him back down from that in order to focus on his golfing. But his recent performance at the Safeway Open seems to have put those minds at ease, even if it was probably disappointing for Romo himself.

A Close Cut

Romo ended his game 4 over 148, preventing him from progressing in the tournament. He claimed that he wasn’t very worried about the situation though and was not disappointed with his performance at all. He added that he did not see it as a failure, pointing out that it was the farthest he had managed to get in his professional golfing career so far. Romo sounded hopeful about his future in the sport, meaning that his fans can probably expect even more attempts from him not too long from now.


Fans Are Still Worried

And this seems to have his fans in a bit of a split. While everyone obviously wants Romo to succeed and realize his dreams, many of his followers are also aware that this would mean a sharp change in his career direction. Romo has not been candid about the fact that he might have to drop his position as a commentator if things started getting serious with his golfing, so it’s not clear what he has on his mind right now with regards to his next step. There have been some active discussions on the topic among online commenters though, giving his fans plenty of food for thought.

Gearing Up

Some have also been speculating about the player’s next choice of gear. Someone like him is in a good position to easily equip himself with pretty much anything he wants right now, so it might be interesting to see what choices he makes in this regard. PXG clubs seem to be commonly brought up in these discussions among his fans, although it’s not entirely clear what Romo’s stance on the situation is. He has not talked much about the gear he uses in the past, although he’s received plenty of comments on it.

In any case, it’s good to see that Romo is making good progress after putting the NFL behind him, at least with regards to playing on the field. His injury came as a disappointment to many – himself included – but it looks like he’s making the most of the current situation and has been moving forward in another productive direction. And it certainly seems like his previous success in sports has given him good leverage over many of his competitors, as he’s still in better shape than most, despite the injury in his professional history.

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