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What players should the XFL target? We have a few XFL Prospects to Watch

The XFL will be here before you know it, and our very own Matt Anzio broke down the film of some players who are still waiting for a call that could be an amazing signing for the XFL.

XFL Diamonds

2020 XFL Prospects  to watch Vol 1. by Matt Anzio
  • QB: Brad Mayes
  • Lehigh University
  • Height: 6’ 2   
  • Weight: 220 lbs  

Mayes is a prospect that I am surprised is not competing in a camp.

He had a very impressive career & seen his teammate Dom Bragalone get a shot but Brad is still available. The XFL could be a great landing spot for him he gets set quick has a quick release & fits the ball into tight windows. Good using the sideline & has an impressive long throw. Can out throw coverage placing the ball where only his wideout can get it.  Mayes – who had 335yd with 2 passing & 1 rushing TD passing against Bucknell on Nov 3rd of this past yr. Mayes was under a lot of pressure this season didn’t have the year he had his junior year. Had 2,083 yds with 10 TD’s & 13 INT’s while just the yr before with 1 more game had 3386 yds with 31 TD’s & 12 ints. That is a huge differential & obviously, things were not perfect. Still, we have to look at different factors & take into account the whole career.    Could see him in the East Coast market doing well in the XFL maybe N.Y.

  • DB/LB / ST   Jamie Cumberbatch
  • University: Gallaudet
  • Height: 5-10  
  • Weight: 205 lbs

Cumberbatch is an inspirational story that really never got told.

I’m not a journalist at least I didn’t even consider myself to be one. Enjoy scouting watching learning about football writing is just a byproduct. So I never try to push narratives too much but a good story is what it is. The young man that has had to face adversity his whole life.  Losing his grandfather still as a young man back in 2009. Then not having enough money to stay at he was forced to transfer. During his transfer, they discovered Cumberbatch was hearing impaired rapidly losing his hearing. Doctors discovered on physical when he had to transfer for not having enough funds or student aid to continue his studies/football career. He transferred to Gallaudet where he played in 9 games outside & in had 41  tackles 2.5 TFL, 1 FR 7 2 PBU in 2017. Then had 23 tackles, 1 FF, 1 FR & 5 PBU this past year in 8 games. Cumberbatch has overcome much bigger things than not being drafted or giving a shot yet. Never once did he feel sorry for himself or play the victim. Could have easily threw in the owl & went another direction but he loves the game.  Has a never quit mentally or physically just an inspiring prospect that is the type of guy you want on your team. He knows he has what it takes seen him play man & off zone coverage, move loose hips smooth transitioning. Plays with passion tons of heart. Hits like LB & can be that hybrid type of strong slot safety, 3rd safety/ spear.

  • LB   Jeremiah Spicer   
  • Height: 6’1
  • Weight 240
  • AFL Cape Fear  Heroes / Riverside City College

Spicer is the AFL  Defensive player of the year.

Lead the Arena League in tackles with 147  & has been All-Arena 1st Team 2 years in a row. Has shown improvement every year & can tell that Spicer is not done yet.  A couple has teams have taken notice as well discussing bringing him into camp this spring. Reading his story about him being homeless, being in and out of foster homes & group home. Losing his Mother, Grandma & no father around.  Struggling fighting & never giving up I’m compelled to lend a hand any way I can. Can check out the great article Damond wrote in April. Spicer is a Savage out there whether attacking the run or pass he is always in the mix. The aggressive player that takes good angles maintains his lane & closes down lanes or disrupts plays all day.  Built like aLB should be the size burst intensity & a greater understanding of the game than a rookie. Had him on my Tryout Treasures Carolina cause they were showing interest. He is currently on L.A.’s “LB list” & could get a call any day now. Carolina also showed interest would imagine there are several more suitors for the Arena Star.

These are the stories think most of us would love to come to a happy conclusion. The XFL will provide hope for guys like this that refuse to be told they can’t. That is who I identify the most with the underdog, hope Spicer can take that next step. Would love him in any team I was associated with.   

  • DE/ Edge Kevin Thompson
  • University: Bethune -Cookman  University 
  • Height: 6’ 3  
  • Weight : 260lbs

Another benefit for the XFL that the DL class coming out of these small schools is so impressive.

Thompson attacks like a  caged Pitbull when the ball is snapped. Winning off the edge with an outstanding swing move. Both strong & steady moving arms getting pressure on the weak shoulder of the OT then exploding around the edge like an M- 80.  This kid is a legit bonafide pro had 46 tackles 3.5 sacks with 10 TFL in 2018. The Defensive player of the game at this past year College Gridiron Showcase in Texas. Is a 2X All-Conference Defensive end that starts alone do not tell the story of the destruction he causes disrupting plays getting his long arms in the way of vision or pressuring the QB into poor decisions. Depth & depth alone is the reason Thompson isn’t in a camp right now. Opportunities will arise whether indoor or whatever but this is a great fit a young league. Looking for players that make the game exciting to watch plus a good coachable team player. He is one of the best prospects left not only at Edge but as a player in general.

  • LB  Monte’ Gaddis
  • Height: 6’0
  • Weight:   225lbs

Red Star Belgrade  Rugby (Serbia)/ Iowa Barnstormer/  Towson

Not Sure where Gaddis will land but his Journey is Not Complete.

Gaddis didn’t make the normal path but like I’ve said before some of us like to take the scenic route.

Think nothing beats life experience & Gaddis with his passion, talent & work ethic has done quite a bit in his athletic career thus far. A former College then Atena player who just did a stint playing Rugby in Serbia is on teams radar. His hometown fans are pulling for him to be brought in for a run at the upcoming Minicamp. Even if that’s not the case a place like the XFL Gaddis might finally find a good landing spot. Gaddis had 100 tackles for the Red Star Belgrade Serbian Rugby team this past season. A player that had 90 tackles the yr after he graduated playing football in Europe for Poland. After coming off an impressive career at Towson with over 200 tackles.

Gaddis is a straight savage built like a bag of rocks. Strong physical blocker & ST tackler. His Rugby days made him even tougher blocking shaking tackles is non stop. The hitting is relentless & Gaddis can take & dish out the hits with the best of them.  As an old school football fan love the position of Fullback but also realize it’s a limited position. Gaddis is aware of this made himself into a utility knife of a player. Can do basically anything that is asked. Rugby is a great sport to improve athletic performance as you play both offense & defense. Playing College than American Football in Poland & Arena ball with the Barnstormers in Iowa. Gaddis is in his prime right now. If the XFL turned out to be his home it’s pretty obvious he would give it everything he has. A truly inspirational story.

  • WR Tanner Holder
  • Height: 6’ 3   
  • Weight: 205

Can play all 3 WR positions if needed.

Has the size long speed to go deep & win the 50/50 battle. While still possessing the physical nature that can be a handful for opposing  DB’s. Catch radius big strong hands low 4.5 speed while still using his size to his advantage. Holder has the ability & willingness to help on O or ST. Has the ability to be a Red zone monster.  He could be that guy from a small school that just does all the right things & becomes one of the best on the field. The XFL could benefit greatly from having a talent like Holder in their startup Franchise. Could be a fantasy star can put butts in seats but most of all he is the type of player willing to work & do whatever is best to help his team. He just wants to prove that missed one when they passed on him in & after the draft. Holder like so many amazing wideouts from this class is still available. To me, it makes for a much better product for the newcomer XFL.

Pro Day Numbers I have – Forty: 4.54 Short Shuttle 4.20 L Drill – 6.85. The numbers & tape don’t lie, Holder has the tools needed to be a Pro & the XFL would be a terrific fit.

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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