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Carolina Panthers Tryout Treasures: Possible Fits from the 2019 NFL Draft

Justin Wyatt is a big kid at 6020 and 207 pounds, he will knock you out your shoes if you try to come across the middle and he is a player that Matt Anzio views as a great fit for the Carolina Panthers.

Tryout Treasure’s –Carolina Panthers Edition 2019 Draft by Matt Anzio

Virtually every Prospect is basically on a “ Tryout” basis especially late rd & Undrafted free agent pickups. So it’s just a play on words & not to be taken literally although some of the guys have had interest from the team whether at a Pro Day, Bowl game or a local day.

On that note…..

  • Safety : Justin Wyatt
  • Limestone
  • Height :   6 ‘ 2
  • Weight : 207 lbs

Wyatt has shown he can play with legit talent this off-season.

He killed it at the National Bowl where he was roaming around like a rabid beast in the secondary. Ready to blow up anything in his path just zips around no matter the direction his movement skills are on the elite level. Adding his size toughness & awareness you have yourself a dominant force at DB for many yrs to come.  Vastly underrated high motor intense DB that can play in the box or play deep intermediate coverage. Hits that button can explode use that length & burst to disrupt the passing game. Cut off runners in run contain make lunging tackles tearing RB’s to the ground like a tackling dummy.

  • QB Clayton Thorson
  • Northwestern
  • Height 6’4   
  • Weight: 226 lb

Had over 10,000 yards  passing & 20 career rushing  TD’s.

Also started more games at QB than any other Big 10 QB in history with 53.

First player in the Big Ten to ever achieve such a remarkable milestone. Had 3,183 yds with 17 TD’s as a Senior in 2018.   Another late rd guy that looks just as good as this day 2 guys everyone is projecting. Other than the names on the sides of the helmets I am seeing just as good skill set in some of these lesser known guys. Thorson makes sense here plus they have shown interest so it was an easy call. Here is another late round guy that I think has just as much upside as some earlier round projected QB’s.

  • OC/OL : Tyler Davis
  • Citadel
  • Height : 6’ 1    
  • Weight : 298 lbs  

Did a Small School sleeper report on Davis that is searchable for more details.

2018, 2017 & 2015 All Conference selection.

Let me start by saying this that Davis made an impression on everyone he came in contact with. When I released his report the amount of repose & positive reaction to him was proof enough the type of character you are getting in Davis.  His Pro Day numbers as followed: Forty – 4.98

Short Shuttle –  4.61 Reps – 28  Vert – 32. 5 “ L Drill – 7.32  . Full report searchable was high on him from the moment I saw his tape. Think he has everything you look for in an OC or OG prospect. He is am an example of the fine small school sleepers at OL that can be had after the draft. That’s a bargain if you ask me & he is far from alone for sleeper OL prospects.

  • Jeremiah Spicer
  • Cape Fear Heroes ALF
  • Height 6’ 1    
  • Weight : 240 lbs

Never quit mentality has led Spicer to the top of the ALF.

Lead the league in tackles & First Team All-Arena he has more than made the best of the opportunity presented. Now he is tested stronger smarter & has playing time at a fast pace down to a science. Might be time for this underdog to eat with the big dawgs better than some playing in the NFL right now.

Don’t normally put Arena guys in these reports but sometimes the fit makes sense. Plus you know the recognize his accomplishments being in the same region. Already had him to a local day this is more a push for a mini-camp 90 men shortcoming off his best year to date.t. A man who has been fighting an uphill battle his whole life. As a  person who spends a huge part of my free time devoted to writing & helping the Underdog. He epitomizes the meaning of underdog & the perseverance associated with that type of story. Played his ball at the very small schools of Riverside City & Bethesda college. Received no pro day, no regional combine invite nothing. He didn’t let that determine his final outcome took his opportunity with the ALF has strived there 2-time All-Arena League player. He is an inspiration no matter what happens because the average man would of quite a long time ago.

  • OT/OG Nate Davis
  • Charlotte N.C.  
  • Height : 6’ 3    
  • Weight : 315

Davis turned some heads including Carolina’s at during Senior Bowl week.

Has OL mentioned cause I know that has been a major focus along with edge seems to be their 2 biggest areas of focus leading up to the draft? Grant it is an exciting group but they have done their homework on Davis.  Just see him improving throughout the week & progressing on game day. OT that will most likely be moved inside his numbers from the combe is as followed Forty – 5.23, Short shuttle- 4.83, Reps – 23, Vert- 26” Broad – 107” L drill – 7.93. Watching him in practice & in the game, he impressed many scouts with his pro like technique, work ethic & quick feet in mobile.

  • DL Gyasi Yeldell
  • Presbyterian College
  • Height : 6’2     
  • Weight : 250 lbs

Lead his team with 5.5 sacks & had 51 tackles 9.5 TFL in 2018.

Big South All Conference D lineman  Dream Bowl invite.

Had 51 tackles, 9.5 TFL &5.5 sacks in 2018 as a Senior for the Blue Hose. Had 7 tackles or more 3 times shows the ability to get behind the line on the regular.   An intelligent player that understands leverage & weakness can exploit them on OT’s make a living disrupting plays. Has the frame to add the needed muscle depends on fit, in this case, would be about 20 to 25 pounds of mass.  That should not disturb his speed off the edge in the least unless he’s a 34 linebacker, which I doubt. Has grown manpower to push OT’s into the lap of the QB. Either way, he will be for a job this summer.

  • LB Pat Prosser
  • Virginia State
  • Height: 5 ‘ 11      
  • Weight : 235 lbs

Good size strong big physical LB with inside & outside experience.

Originally caught my eye at the HBCU game where he had a nice week & some scouts took notice for sure.

Had a good College career thinking that their Neighboring state of North Carolina is familiar with Prosser’s body of work. Had a nice Pro Day with a Forty of 4.80, 10 yds split of 1.63,  4.30 in the Short Shuttle Had 18 reps, 33” Vertical & an L drill of 7.21. Not bad for a 6ft almost 240-pound OLB pass rusher. That obviously can cover as well willing to do whatever it takes has checked some boxes would be a nice fit for Ron Rivera’s 43 D guys like the great Kuechly & Thomas Davis not getting any younger. Although they still look amazing is one of a few areas Carolina has seemed to zero in on.

  • TE CJ Conrad
  • Kentucky
  • Height :  6’ 4        
  • Weight : 248 lbs   

They are interested in adding some depth at the TE spot.

Don’t know what is in the water in Kentucky but they have some big physical prospects coming out seems like every year. Conrad is no exception thick sturdy powerful tight end that can add depth in the blocking game as well as some size in the red zone.  Pro Day as follows: Forty – 4.54 Vert- 37”

Reps – 21 & a Broad –  9’ 8 “. Athletic for a big TE  can make some nice grabs moves quicker than you would think for a 250-pound beast.  Think he is a natural fit in Carolina if you think of course Olson but many of their 2’s & 3’s at TE over the years. Fits into that mold well rounded can block with good athletic ability & size is always key on a Rivera team.

  • WR/ KR     Marque Northington
  • Southeastern State
  • Height : 5’7        
  • Weight : 191

 Elusive dynamic slot kick return specialist Northington can shake defenders out their socks.

A real deal weapon with the ball in his hand his Pro Day numbers says a 4.5 Forty I Would say it’s more like at worst a 4.48. Really gotta look at the 10 yds & the short shuttle is good indicators of the short area quickness we are dealing with when it comes to Northington. Instant ST starter day 1 & could in the right offense have a role helping stretch the D out & be a YAC superstar.  Quick twitch movement stop n go cuts jukes & spins his way t o freedom. Both on returns & in the passing game he is a dangerous weapon with the balls in his hands.

Pro Day Results : (unofficial)  Forty : 4.49 SS – 4.09   Bench – 16 Vert 27” .

Runs like & has footwork of a scat back type almost like a Tarik Cohen type not saying he is Cohen. Can just imagine him in a similar role whether that be with Carolina Panthers or the Toronto Argonauts that’s yet to be seen. Either would be a great opportunity for home run hitter looking for a home.  Compact for a smaller guys Sproles is about 5’6 & he is 195 always liked the way Sproles was built with an extra inch at 191 he looks buff but 200 we are talking about more of a return guy, slot & RB all in one.

  • CB Montrae Hartage
  • Northwestern
  • Height : 5’ 11
  • Weight : 190

Hartage killed it all Shrine week should be a late round Steal!

Showed excellent coverage skills against some Primetime wideouts in practice & the game.

Got invited to the combine from his efforts at the Shrine Game & a solid career. His combine results are as a follower : Forty- 4.68      Short Shuttle – 4.08 Reps- 9 Vert – 34.5” Broad – 123”

L cone – 6.95     & 60 yd – 11.50 .  Hartage closes quickly on routes gets his arms & hands out with precision timing to knock balls out. Fights through the whistle hard nose DB looks to be able to match up outside or inside. ST he will find a way on a team can tell he is a hard working corner. He could land many places for some reason feel a fit here.  Keep sleeping on this lunch pail type of DB believe he can’t wait to prove you all wrong.

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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