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Philadelphia Eagles draft needs: 5 small schools who will help turn the Eagles into contenders

Carson Wentz will be on his own this year for the Philadelphia Eagles. With the help of a few small schoolers the Eagles can get back to the big dance.

The Philadelphia Eagles have tons of pieces in place to win the Super Bowl again, but they do have some needs. We feel they are set at the quarterback position with a healthy Carson Wentz. They do have a huge need at running back, but we want to showcase five small schoolers who can come in right now and fill in their biggest needs in the 2019 NFL Draft. We feel they need a cornerback, running back, defensive end, linebacker, and wide receiver.

Jonte Pooler, CB, Charleston – Pooler is a 6000, 185 pound cornerback who played on the same defense with John Cominsky and Khazin Daniels. Pooler was the one who shut down the wide outs to get his pass rushers an opportunity to slam the QB down. Pooler is an Akron, Ohio native who is currently considered a priority free agent. Remember his name come pro day.

Kani Kane, RB, Delaware – The Philadelphia Eagles could use a running back and they love big backs. Kani Kane is a big back from Delaware who runs hard and will straight truck you to get extra yards. The Eagles love big backs in the past with Jay Ajayi, and LeGarrette Blount, but Kane is a guy that can break away too. He is 6000 and 245 pounds, but you better not try to tackle him by his legs. He is projected as a priority free agent in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Lamar Watson, DE, Monmouth College – Lamar Watson is one of the most underrated prospects in the NFL Draft. He has a very amazing speed rush, and he has the size. The 6030, 245-pound defensive end could fit in the Eagles. He reminds me of Brandon Graham, and will likely be an undrafted guy. He could be a great addition.

Landon Compton, LB, Missouri S&T – The 6040, 240 pound linebacker was a tackling machine last season. He finished with 11 tackles for loss, but he plays all over the field racking up 102 tackles in 2018. He is currently an undrafted free agent in our eyes, but he is one of the best unknown players in the draft.

Reggie White, WR, Monmouth University – Yep, another Monmouth guy, but it is two different schools. Reggie White Jr. is a big-time playmaker. This kid could be a huge addition to the Eagles offense. He could end up being a late round pick, but right now I feel he is a priority free agent. He is a 6030, 210 wide out with great hands.


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