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Who is the next young quarterback to take over the league?

Rams will have options with the first overall pick, but it looks like it will be a Franchise quarterback
Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are too of the best young QB’s in the NFL

Last week Colin Cowherd made a list of his top 5 young quarterbacks and I was upset with his list.  He had Sam Darnold above guys like Jared Goff and Derek Carr.  There are tons of solid young quarterbacks out there and I wanted to try to figure out what young quarterback is going to be the next star?

Over the past decade we have had guys like Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees dominate their divisions getting to the Super Bowl.  This is definitely a quarterback driven league, but this year will be very interesting because there are so many solid young quarterbacks coming down the line.  Let’s take a look at some of the young quarterbacks who have been dominating the league and at a couple who could dominate the league.

Young Guns who have shown signs of a FRANCHISE QB

Carson Wentz – Let’s face it this guy has a legit chance of being the face of the NFL. He is a Franchise Quarterback and he has really only played one season.  Wentz is the type of player you don’t pass on (Browns), and I feel personally he will continue to dominate for the next several years.

Jared Goff – If last season plays a part in a players evaluation, Jared Goff is a stud.  Some were saying Goff was a bust, so give credit to Sean McVay and his offensive assistants for designing a quarterback-friendly system that has helped Goff go from apparent bust to one of the most impressive young QBs in the league.

Deshaun Watson – A torn ACL robbed Watson of a full rookie season, but he was an MVP candidate based on how he had Houston rolling. I expect him to make a full recovery and would not be surprised if he dominates this year too.

Jimmy Garoppolo – The San Francisco 49ers were on a roll when Jimmy G came in gunslinging. Many are skeptical of him but he is not a fluke. I love this kid and feel he will be a guy that can really take the 49ers back to stardom.

Dak Prescott – Many fell in love with Dak Prescott in his rookie year because he was having a solid season. After Ezekiel Elliott was off the field though, Prescott turned into an average quarterback. Could he bounce back after his Sophomore Slump?  I feel he will be back to normal this season with new targets to throw too.

Mitchell Trubisky – Good physical tools, but the first-round pick is playing sooner than he should be and could use a coaching/coordinator upgrade like Goff received. This year he will finally have some weapons around him.  Will the Bears be able to shine? It will likely be up to the play-calling.

Patrick Mahomes – Patrick is technically a rookie, but this kid has all the intangibles to be a superstar in the NFL. Chiefs fans are expecting huge things from the start, but they maybe in for a rude awakening.  Filling Alex Smith’s shoes will not be easy, there will be growing pains, the question is how will Mahomes rebound?

Jameis Winston – Jameis has the tools, but this suspension starting off the 2018 season is going to hurt him. He has some big play ability and the Bucs love his work ethic, but can he be the guy that ends up dominating the league?

Marcus Mariota – The Titans looked sharp with Mariota moving the football for them. When he is on the field the Titans are a tough team to beat. I love his ability to move the ball through the air but especially when he takes off.  Mariota is a hit or miss type player to me.  He is either on or off.

Derek Carr – Many will say he has already had a chance to shine and hasn’t, but let me be very clear, Carr is a superstar in the making with Jon Gruden.  I really feel this year is Derek Carr’s, do not be shocked if he dominates and becomes a household name in 2018.

Vets who still need to prove something

Kirk Cousins – I know he is a little older than the others but I put him on this list because after sitting on the bench for three years the Redskins took the training wheels off.  Cousins had a huge season last year and now will lead the Vikings.  Will Cousins be able to lead the Vikings to stardom or will that fat contract slow him down?

Andrew Luck – I put him on this list because he really has not been able to stay healthy enough to really dominate. He has shown signs of greatness, but his injuries lately have been really slowing him down. Can he bounce back and win Comeback player of the year?  He is my early vote…..

The Rookies

Sam Darnold – The New York Jets love what they have in Sam Darnold and they should.  The problem they have is they are still stacked at quarterback. With Teddy Bridgewater and Josh McCown, when will Darnold get a fair shake? I think his rookie year will be a year for him to sit and watch, he may get a shake or two, but do not be surprised if they do not take the wheels off too early.

Baker Mayfield – Many love Baker and I do as well.  He is a gamer, but I am not sure he will see the field early with Tyrod Taylor in town.  I will make an early prediction though, I feel Tyrod will make some mistakes but the Browns will try to see what Baker can do.  I feel he will struggle at first but he will get the grip as the season progresses.

Josh Rosen – I love this kid and am still upset my Bills did not draft him.  I feel Sam Bradford will be injured or play horribly and you will see this kid a lot.  I would not be shocked if he has a solid year as a rookie. He was the most NFL ready in my opinion and he has the potential to be a superstar.

Josh Allen – I am not sure AJ McCarron or Nate Peterman is the answer in Buffalo and to be honest, I am not sure Josh Allen is either.  The Bills love this kids upside, and while he has looked impressive in OTA’s I am not sure he will transition to the NFL well.  He has the skills, but if the Bills do in fact play him early they could go through some growing pains similar to the Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes.

Lamar Jackson – Yes, I am going to put him on this list because I feel he will end up playing this year more than Joe Flacco.  I have a feeling the Ravens will start off sluggish and Lamar Jackson will be the spark they were looking for. After realizing he keeps the spark lit they will be forced to use him quite a bit as a rookie.

Who is the one quarterback that will really take over for the Brady/Rogers of the Sports world? That is my question to you.  I feel Carson Wentz will be the guy for years and years to come.  I would not be shocked if Derek Carr ends up getting to a Super Bowl as well in the near future.  We shall see, but I want to know who are your top young gun QB’s?


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