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NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: Adehkeem Brown, CB, Quincy College

 Adehkeem Brown – CB Quincy College

6’0 200

Scouting Report:

– Displayed Good athletic ability, speed, and versatility with quick feet and fluid movement adjusting to WR routes

– Displays good play speed in man to man coverage with smooth hip movement transitioning out of backpedaling

– Stays in receivers hip pocket and displays physicality and hand fight to throw off timing in press

– Brown demonstrates good explosion out of backpedaling and closes quickly in off coverage.

-Displays good top end speed to stay with receivers on deep developing routes

– Shows good mental processing playing his zone coming off receivers to cover switch or crossing patterns.

– Demonstrates Good Competitive Toughness winning with quickness and C.O.D in all areas of the field, especially in the intermediate to deep where he wins with speed and hip flexibility to be able to adjust to taller WRs on double moves

This report was completed by Professional Head Coach Zen Bliss!


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