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NFL Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Semaj Robinson, LB, Midwestern State

What is your name?

Semaj Robinson

What is your Height/Weight?

6’1 235

What is your position?


Where do you play college football?

The Midwestern State University

Where are you from?

Riverside, California

Who is your role model, and why?

My brother, watching him play as a kid gave me my love for the game I’ve always strived to be a better player then him he also played for Idaho state alongside Jared Allen

Who was your favorite teacher?

I believe it would have to be a tie between My old science and English teachers Mr. Rivera and Mr.Young they were great role models as well. Anytime I come back to my old high school they always commend me for my accomplishments.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

I did track and field in high school to build speed for football. I ran the 200 and 300H and I was also a jumper as well

Who was the toughest player you ever faced?

Jake Seydel, I practiced against him all year as a true freshman in JUCO after he bounced back from UCLA

Who is the most underrated player on your team?

If I can’t choose myself then I’d have to go with another Defensive End named Deandre Stevenson he’s in fact a true middle linebacker and should be valued as such.

What is the one song that would fire you up before the biggest game of your life?

Meek – Mill Outro

If you could compare your play to one player in the NFL who would it be and why?

Von Miller, we share the same hybrid true pass rushing style in my eyes. Although the DC at Mt. Sac Coach Yona compared me to one of their alumni Bruce Irvin.

What was the biggest obstacle in your life you had to overcome, and how did you overcome it?

My biggest obstacle was getting to Midwestern State academically I wanted to finish JUCO with my AA because I’ve came too far to finish without it. I took 18 units in the summer of 16 transferred back to my first JUCO Riverside community college and got a few grade changes in the process to help me be eligible to transfer. Most importantly it took a lot of prayer without my lord and savior Jesus Christ and mother Brenella Lancaster I would’ve never made it. I had too many odds stacked against me.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

I usually eat a salmon diner comprised of all sides recommended by EXOS

What was the most memorable play of your collegiate career?

Easily the last play of Commerce when I forced an incompletion from a QB pressure on Luis Perez for us to win and put our selves in the drivers seat to potentially win the lone star conference championship. The whole team rushed the field it felt pretty cool to be apart of the cause.

What is the coolest thing you ever did off the field for someone else?

Talk someone out of committing suicide.

Who was your favorite NFL team growing up?

The Dallas Cowboys

If you could have dinner with three people dead or alive, who would you choose?

My brother And best friend TJ Miller who took his life back in 2013. As well as my grandmother and my grandfather who I never met Joe & Estella Lancaster.


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