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911 call released from accuser of Ezekiel Elliott (Listen now)

I reviewed the entire case of Gareon Conley and I was able to find out that there was a woman not telling the truth. Today the NFL suspended Ezekiel Elliott for six games for allegedly beating up his girlfriend, and it is an interesting case.

While I am sort of skeptical on this case as well, more and more evidence is being released from the accuser. First she reportedly took photos showing she had bruises all over her body. Now the 911 call has been released to TMZ Sports.

This woman if lying is doing a little more than the girl in the Gareon Conley case.  These woman want to get money from football players and it is interesting to see what they will do. I will not rule Zeke innocent by any means right now, but the NFL sure did feel that he was guilty.  The NFL suspended Zeke for 6 games without pay. It is crazy to me because no charges have been filed.

The NFL on the other hand, suspended former Giants kicker Josh Brown and paid him while he was suspended. Commissioner Roger Goodell placed him on the except list on a “limited and temporary basis” while the league reviews the documents released by the King County (Washington) Police Department. Something is wrong in the NFL, can you find out what the problem is? May want to ask Colin Kaepernick, I think he trying to say something about this matter.


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