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Packers legendary QB spoke about pranking his teammates in Green Bay

Brett Favre says he could still play QB in the NFL
Brett Favre opens up about his pranks in Green Bay

When you picture Green Bay, you picture the Frozen Tundra.  You picture Brett Favre running down the field with his hand up and steam storming from his mouth and head.  Well Favre was a known prankster and he talked about a prank he pulled off on his teammates.

“When it got extremely cold and guys had to park outside in the outside parking lot … we would go unlock their cars because it was gated,” Favre said in a conference call Tuesday, via “We’d go out and get into someone’s car and we would move it to the far end of the parking lot and leave it running with the air conditioning on.

“So when we got out, we would take like a cup of water and we’d throw it on the door and it couldn’t open. When they finally were able to get in, it would be — as you could imagine it’s 30 degrees, 0 degrees, whatever outside — it was even cooler inside. That was a cruel prank, though, in Green Bay.”



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