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Report: Laremy Tunsil’s ankle injury caused him to fall in the draft worse than the Bong video

Ole Miss could be in hot water after the admission of Laremy Tunsil accepting money
Laremy Tunsil’s fall in teh draft was not because of his bong video but rather an ankle injury.

According to Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, Laremy Tunsil’s surprising fall on draft night was not because of the marijuana bong video, but really because of an ankle condition.

Cole says in his report that Tunsil has a pre-arthritic condition in his ankle that came up late in the draft process, and that was more concerning to NFL teams than his bong video.  Cole says that some believed Tunsil’s ankle was worse than Myles Jack’s knee in the long run. Jack’s knee was such a concern, it led a potential top-five draft talent to fall to the second round.

The Miami Dolphins are reportedly upset about the report, according to Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero. General Manager Mike Tannenbaum says there is zero concern with Tunsil’s ankle.

“None. Zero,” Tannenbaum said on WQAM. “He’s full go. He’s fine. We never had concerns about his ankle.”


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